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Product Review: Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Updated on June 7, 2013


  • 1.5 inch color LCD preview screen
  • Resolution of 1.3 or .3 Megapixels
  • 128MB of memory
  • Stores up to 500 pictures
  • Easy to transfer pictures back to PC with provided cable
  • Slightly waterproof
  • Suitable for 3-6 years of age


  • Buttons are a bit hard to push
  • Camera is slightly heavy for little hands at 1.2 pounds
  • Display screen is distorted and hard to see the real quality of pictures
  • Eats batteries like crazy!

The only kid tough camera to keep up with my toddler!

This kid tough camera from Fisher Price has many recommendable features and one or two to keep in mind:

Pros:I can't believe after one year of use, it has not broken! Its been dropped, thrown, kicked, had juice spilled on it, dropped in the bathroom sink, and covered in germs and lysol respectively. I am constantly amazed at the kind of pictures my son can get from his unique angle. With the slip resistant design, he keeps a firm hand on his precious camera.

Cons:I recommend buying a set of rechargeable AAA batteries. I have bought this camera for other kids and given the rechargeable AAA batteries and the charger to the parents. We also have taken this on vacation and after a full day of clicking away, recharged the batteries over night for the next day. We manage about 4 hours of use with the camera before having to replace the batteries.The button in the front is difficult for my son to reach, so most of his pictures are off kilter and he has a hard time keeping the camera steady to get his shot. The pictures that are imported to the computer are about the same quality as ones you get off your cell phone (being 1.3 Megapixals). Keep in mind that it is a "toy camera" so don't expect star quality shots!

All in all, the pros outweigh the cons: I buy this as a gift for other 3 year olds and recommend this camera. I would say that any toy that allows our son to expand his creativity "just like mom and her camera" is a good toy.


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