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Puppy and kitten toys for children

Updated on March 14, 2011

Hurry! Some puppies are in limited supply!

The closest toys to the "real thing"

When Christmas comes around many children start preparing their Christmas list, however, what to do should your child put the word "puppy" or " kitten" in the list and you do not have the space, money or time for it?

Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue. More and more toy companies are giving birth to puppies and kittens that are getting closer and closer to the "real thing".

These are stuffed animals that are capable of walking, purring, barking or even coming when called. These make great Christmas present for those young kitten and puppy lovers. They also work as great "training" for young children that wish to have a puppy or kitten. Viewing how the child interacts with the toy may give you an idea of how the child may interact with the real thing.

Children also learn that a puppy is not only "a toy' but that it also has basic needs such as affection and training. Some of these toys are pretty amazing, some of them roll over, purr, give their paw and even grow!

One of my friends recently bought her daughters a white Persian style kitten. This was too adorable! I almost wanted to take it home with me. It blinked and purred like a real kitten. As a child I had a white Persian, the "true" one and this toy was reminding me of her and of how soft she was. I might as well buy one just as a way to remember her.

Many of these toys come with an adoption certificate. This brings me back to the old days when we "adopted" our Cabbage patch kids.

I think it is great that these toys are out. It is nice to see children interact with them and hug them. Surprisingly I have noticed that many children treat these toys as if they were the real thing. They cuddle with them and treat them differently from their other toys. I have yet to meet a child that has pulled off ears or tails from these toys other than from normal wear and tear (of course toddlers will as they yet are in those "rough handling stages"). This in my opinion is great, as it shows that should you really adopt a real puppy or kitten, you know that your children have reached a sufficient stage of maturity and that they will likely not be mistreating them.

See what amazing things this pup can do!

How cute is this kitty?


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