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Pure Fun Trampoline Review

Updated on May 20, 2013
Safe Fun for all the Family - 15ft Pure Fun Trampoline
Safe Fun for all the Family - 15ft Pure Fun Trampoline | Source

Pure Fun Trampolines - Safe Fun for All

Pure Fun Trampolines are a clear favorite among both children and adults alike. Your kids will absolutely love bouncing around for hours on end, getting their healthy, vigorous exercise without even being aware of it.

And all the while you will have the peace of mind that your kids are playing safe and sound in your back yard.

The Pure Fun Trampoline range all have great ratings on Amazon, where real customers give their reviews. And whether it's the 12, 13, 14 or 15 foot version you opt for, you can be sure your trampoline is of the highest quality and available at a very competitive price.

Not only that, depending on the region you live in, Amazon often offers free shipping, saving you money as well as providing a fast and secure online ordering service. I have seen other companies charging up to $100 for home delivery.

Pure Fun Trampolines are made from excellent quality materials such as strong, rust-resistant, galvanized iron-steel tubing and held together using Pure Fun's patented "T-Section construction", moving away from the old welded standard and producing a far stronger, more solid, and very safe base for your kids.

Safety is Paramount with Pure Fun
Safety is Paramount with Pure Fun | Source

How Safe are Pure Fun Trampolines?

When it comes to trampolines you want to make sure they are safe. This is paramount. You will have peace of mind with all Pure Fun trampolines as they made with strong rust resistant galvanized iron steel tubing.

Pure Fun Trampolines have patented what they call "T-Section construction". This is a lot safer than conventional welded trampolines.

Weld joints in trampolines are actually a weak point and it is recommended not to buy a trampoline with welding. Structural failure is possible as the leg joints are welded to the main body or top of the frame. If one part of a weld cracks, the whole trampoline is compromised.

The fit of T-Section construction for Pure Fun Trampolines is more secure and provides extra stability and prevents shifting as the trampolines are played on.

W-shaped legs with various balanced points (depending on the size of the trampoline) contact adds more stability and will prevent the trampoline from tipping or wobbling.

Pure Fun Trampolines are available with enclosure nets making sure nobody falls or bounces off the trampoline. This great peace of mind when young children are playing on them. The enclosure nets are becoming more and more popular for this reason.

All Pure Fun Trampolines are surrounded with high density foam giving an extra layer of protection for safe jumping. The built-in clips hold the foam in place.

All Pure Fun Trampolines are certified by an independent laboratory to pass all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety requirements.

12 Ft Pure Fun Trampoline - Assembly Made Easy
12 Ft Pure Fun Trampoline - Assembly Made Easy | Source

Is Assembling Pure Fun Trampolines Easy?

The time it takes to assemble a Pure Fun Trampoline is dependent on the size and whether an enclosure is included.

Pure Fun Trampolines are easy to assemble and your purchase will include a patented assembly tool. I would advice on having a mallet and vice grip ready just in case as you may need it?

You may not be able to assemble Pure Fun Trampolines on your own, especially if you purchase the 15ft one. Extra help will make assembling easier and more importantly for children, quicker! Two adults will easily assemble Pure Fun Trampolines in 2 hours.

When putting the T bars/poles together make sure they are with even length and not to hit too hard as once you have done this there is no way back. Slow and gentle will do it nicely.

Overall Pure Fun Trampolines are easy to assemble, the only time consuming bit is putting the mat and springs on.

Once piece of information which I feel is important is that as soon as you have assembled the trampoline it's ready to use without breaking it in. I have known of major branded trampolines which needed breaking in. Pure Fun Trampolines are ready from the off and very bouncy. Just what you want.

Watch the video below for a great insight into assembling a Pure Fun Trampoline on your own.

A great watch from a funny guy putting together his Pure Fun Trampoline on his own

Watch a 15 Foot Pure Fun Trampoline Being Assembled

14 Foot Pure Fun Trampoline
14 Foot Pure Fun Trampoline | Source

Are Pure Fun Trampolines Durable?

All Pure Fun trampolines include a 2 year limited warranty, guaranteeing against defects in material and workmanship. This gives confidence in Pure Fun Trampolines.

The weight capacity limit of the 12, 13, 14 and 15 foot Pure Fun Trampolines is 250 pounds, which is ample capacity.

As I have not had my 13 foot Pure Fun Trampoline for more than a year, durability is something I cannot comment on in detail.

I do have to say though that even through last summer when my kid and her friends were on it every day and night it is still very bouncy when it was used only a few weeks ago.

It was left outside in the garden all winter and it is still as bouncy and solid as if it was new. No rust on the frame and the enclosure still intact so Pure Fun Trampolines are right in suggesting they are all weather resistant. So far so good on durability.

Check out other customers reviews of Pure Fun Trampolines from the link below.


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