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Pushin' Pedals Bicycle Sim Store Set Review

Updated on August 10, 2010
The Pushin' Pedals range of bike stands.
The Pushin' Pedals range of bike stands.

Push these pedals, baby!

Finally, over a year after the base game was released, some content for the Sims Store that expands on the cycling experience has arrived. Those with architectural passions were constantly frustrated by the fact it was necessary to place an ugly plain steel bike rack on any property with a bike, and those who liked to encourage their sims to lead healthy, eco-aware sim lives were disappointed that there was only one type of bicycle available for adults and children.

The Pushin' Pedals set revolutionizes cycling in the Sims 3, and by revolutionizes, I mean, provides a few more options for people who crave options like Garfield craves lasagna.

There are three new bike racks, a 'No Frills' bike rack, which ironically comes with a fairly frilly wrought iron finish, the 'Laserlock', which shines with a bright green neon light to keep your sims' cycles safe in futuristic style, and the Magnahold, which looks a little bit like a Telletubby's antenna and gleams with cobalt blue electromagnets, which apparently keep your bike extra safe. Freakin' cobalt blue magnets, how do they work? Nobody knows.

There are also three new bikes (though the sim store attempts to make it look as if there are six by presenting the variations between adult and kid's bikes as if they're different beasts altogether, for shame, sims store!)

At any rate, these are quite nice new bikes and will certainly add a range of cycle options for sims poor and rich alike. The 'Old Skool Lowrider' (in adults and kids sizes) provides a low, flat seat and massive handlebars rising from the lowered frame, allowing your sim to cruise in 'pretend I'm a motorcycle' style, which is about the best way to ride a bicycle.

There is also the 'Smooth Cruise', which looks a great deal like the original sims bike except for the fact that it has a basket on the front. I could be wrong in that it's pretty much the same bike otherwise, but I doubt I am.

The 390, on the other hand, totally blows previous sims bicycle concepts out of the water. With pretty green tyres that mirror the design of the Laserlock bike stand (or perhaps it is the other way around, who knows,) the 390 is style cycleified, if by style, you mean weird angles that melt your brain, lots of shiny metallic parts and luminescent green bits that may or may not be sim radioactive.

The Pushin' Pedals set comes in at 1,250 sim store points, or 200 per bike and 100 per bike rack, which means you get a 250 point discount for getting the whole set at once. Personally, I think I'll be getting the Lowrider and the 390 and their corresponding racks and leaving the rest.


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