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Puzzle Game Apps

Updated on February 21, 2014

If you are anything like me, you really like puzzle games. I can sit on these games for hours going through all of the different levels. Not only does it help take my mind off of stressful things, but they are a great way to pass the time and a good way to give your brain a little bit of exercise. Here are a couple of apps I found that are fun puzzle games that you can play any time on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Unblock Me

Unblock me is a game with a pretty simple goal, get the chosen block to the exit by moving other blocks out of the way. Each block can only go the direction they are facing, up and down or left to right.

The app is free and literally has thousands of levels available, ranging from beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. There are also two different modes; relaxed in which you can solve the puzzles at your own pace, and challenge in which the number of moves you take is counted and you are given a star rating.

While it is a simple game, it offers hours and hours of entertainment. Just to give you an idea, my boyfriend is currently on puzzle 1200 and plays this game when we are waiting around for something and are bored.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest is best compared to Bejeweled. By this I mean you must connect at least three jewels of the same kind in order to get the match and for them to break. However this game is different in the sense that it has a story line that you follow as you progress through the game. Not only is there a story line, but in each level you are actually fighting someone and this is how that works:

Each jewel has a symbol of a different super hero in your team, such as Spiderman, Thor, or Iron Man. Each symbol you match has a certain damage threshold so when you match a certain superhero's symbol, it will cause the enemy a certain amount of damage. However, your enemy will also make matches and do damage to you as well, making the game a bit more interesting, and - lets face it - epic.

The app is free, however there is also a Steam version. While the main game is free, there are quite a few downloadable packs that can actually get a bit pricey.

Flow and Flow Bridges

Flow is an interesting, yet another simple puzzle game. You start of with a black board with two of each color. It's your job to connect a one color dot, to the other color dot of the same color. Connecting the two causes a line across the board which you can not cross in order to connect a second color. Your second goal is to fill up every box on the board. Sometimes this is easy and connecting each color automatically fills the whole board, but other times you will find yourself trying to come up with paths that will take up more of the board to fill it completely. As the game gets more difficult, the board gets bigger and more colors are added.

Flow Bridges is basically the same game, except there is one bridge piece on the board. To fill this piece, you have to have one color go one direction over the bridge and another color go under the bridge. This gives the game a kind of new little challenge when you have to figure out which colors have to go over the bridge and what direction in order to fill the entire board, and connect all of the colors.

Both apps are free and have quite a few levels to keep you busy!


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