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Puzzle & Dragons Tips and Tricks

Updated on April 26, 2014


Odds are if you're into gaming, especially mobile gaming, you've heard of Puzzle & Dragons from Gungho. PAD is definitely one of the biggest successes in the mobile market and it's not hard to see why. But it definitely gets challenging and difficult to progress, especially if you want to avoid spending money on the game. As such, the following tips should help you keep moving on, get bigger, better, and strongest, as quickly as possible.

Tips for Beginners

  • Learn to Combo
    Sub-tip: Use the orb you grab to move other orbs into 3+ matches rather than the orb you grab to put in a combo by itself.
    You need to learn to combo a lot, it's absolutely necessary. Learn the movement patterns that move orbs around the way you want them to. Get used to swiveling orbs a lot to push other orbs into combos and do so while maximizing the space used.
  • Make Friends
    You need friends for their leader skill, but you also earn "Pal" points to use in the pal egg machine, an essential way of picking up useful monsters.
  • Know how your combos translate to damage
    For example, a 5 match executes an attack that hits all enemies. However, if you only have 1 enemy, you will do far more damage with 3 matches but more of them. Each extra match in your combo adds 25% more damage in total and each extra orb to your match also adds another 25% more damage to that color.
    It gets a little tricky, but you can check out the game mechanics page with all the details here.
  • Fuse in groups
    It costs more to fuse monsters as the monsters become higher level so if it's wise to fuse groups of monsters at the same time because you pay the cost of the initial monster level even if it levels up 5 or 10 times in the process. This will help save you gold.
  • Only fuse the same colors
    You get 50% more EXP for fusing monsters of the same color, so try to minimize how often you fuse off-colors.
  • Weekend Dungeon - Gold Gold Gold
    Get all the gold you need in the weekend dungeon.
  • Ultra-Fast Leveling
    It takes some time, however the dungeon "Dragons of the Tower" (It's under the category "Tower of Giants") is 1/2 Stamina costs on weekends, giving you a massive 600 EXP per stamina point, enough to keep you leveling up and refreshing your stamina endlessly for a long time.

Plus egg drop in puzzle and dragons
Plus egg drop in puzzle and dragons | Source

Tips for Intermediate Players

  • Know the schedule
    Know what dungeons are coming when, what they have, and what you need to beat them.
    I use this website.
    You'll want to keep an eye on the metal/jewel dragon dungeons as they will help you level your monsters up the fastest.
  • + Eggs
    You will need them, a great place to pick them up is "Sea-God of Heaven" dungeon under Ocean of Heaven. I would recommend a Valk Healer team or a Cu Chu balanced team to do it quickly. (Also note, double drops on weekends)
  • Spend Free REM Stones Wisely
    Be patient, wait for a Godfest (2 or 3x chance of Gods dropping, they normally occur once a month) before burning stones on the Rare Egg Machine. Also, be careful when it comes to being greedy when you die in a dungeon.
  • Login Daily
    The login rewards are great as you accumulate them (free stones!) but you also refresh your leader skill to be used by your friends and earn more Pal points.
  • Challenge Mode
    Start doing some challenge mode dungeons, you earn 1 stone ever time you finish a series.
  • Skill-Ups
    Fusing monsters with the same skill name gives a 10-20% chance to increase the level of the skill, causing it to be usable in fewer turns. You'll find more and more you will need this so pay attention to the best ways of gathering monsters for skill ups. Also wait for 2x chance of skill ups events.
  • Awakening Skills
    These skills will be the cherry on top for your team. Using Tamadras or fusing the same monster will unlock awakening skills. Only monsters final forms and ultimate evos have awakening skills but some of them are amazing. Get a Siren that is awoken, you will find it very useful.

+Egg Grinding

Plus Eggs

This video shows how quickly a Cu Chu team can burn through Sea-God of Heaven, giving you not only the most plus eggs per stamina point, but also doing so quickly without hours of tedious grinding.

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Tips for Advanced Players

  • Store +Eggs on cheap monsters.
    When the gold cost starts escalating for fusing +Egg monsters, you can start storing groups of them on cheap monsters and fuse them all at once later on. (For example, store +30 RCV on a Tamadra and then drop it on your monster of choice)
  • S Ranks
    Start paying attention to how to get S ranks for special dungeons (more free stuff!).
    The score is based on rarity of the monsters used, average combos, and turns taken. Make sure you can combo very strongly and your monsters are strong enough to destroy the dungeon quickly. Also note that rarity is important and you may end up having to throw in some really crappy 1-3 star monsters to pull your rarity down to push your score up.
  • Know The Game
    Pay attention to the best ways of spending your stamina. Best gold? Best Stamina? Most useful sub-drops in a a dungeon?
    Learn it, love it, live it.
  • Awaken before ultimate evo
    If you plan on using copies of the same monster to unlock awakening skills rather than tamadras, be patient and wait to ultimate evo your monster. A normal final version will NOT unlock an awakening skill for the ultimate evo version.
  • Diversify
    PAD is great at forcing you to use different types of teams to finish different dungeons. Embrace this and accept building multiple teams. If you plan for it, it will benefit you. Often times this may mean using magic stones on inventory space rather than REM, which at a certain point is very helpful. REM can be tempting because it's exciting, but learn when it's time to get a new monster and when your current monsters, or non-REM monsters, are good enough for the job.

Are you feeling lucky? Puzzle and Dragons rare egg machine drop
Are you feeling lucky? Puzzle and Dragons rare egg machine drop


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