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Questions about D&D.

Updated on November 9, 2014

Why do people play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)?

  • What is D&D? D&D is a table top fantasy role playing game that has to have a group of people in order to work. It has a group of characters (or a party) go through a quest completing puzzles and fighting in order to finish the quest.
  • What do you need to play? You have to have a large set of dice, 12 sided, 20 sided, six sided, a couple ten sided, a four sided and an eight sided. You will also need to look through the many books, such as Players handbook, and the Unearthed Arcane to put together a character. Also, you will need pencils and paper.
  • Don't only Nerds play D&D? That is a very wide belief among non-gamer's. Which was proven untrue when Vin Diesel told the public that he not only plays D&D but he loves it and he wrote the introduction to the anniversary book for D&D.
  • Isn't D&D demonic? This is mainly a religion bases argument. And the answer is a big fat "no" because its just a game, many people that I have come across who have this opinion don't care if their kids play games like "Grand theft auto" which has you going around killing people and doing tasks to complete a mission, that sounds much like D&D.
  • Why should people play D&D? It's a great way to meet with friends have a snack and just hang out while getting to know each other on a different level then just drinking or having dinner. You get to go through scenarios with your friends and see what happens based on your choices and your team work.

Would you ever be interested in playing D&D?

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      lionsden0229 3 years ago

      D&D is awesome