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Quintissential Creatures, Extra Minecraft Mobs Mod

Updated on May 16, 2011

Putting one very much in mind of Mo'Creatures, Quintissential creatures is a different collection of new Minecraft mobs. Before you get your proverbial undergarments in a twist at the idea that this mod might have been somehow stolen, this mod is a collaboration from Dr Zhark (the modder who made Mo'Creatures and the wildly exciting Farming Mod) andFirehazurd, who should not, under any circumstances, be trusted with matches.

At the present time, Quintissential Creatures only boasts two mobs, but both mobs are rather impressive in their own ways. More mobs are soon to follow, including Moles, Salamanders, Luck Dragons, Golems, the list goes on. (There are a total of eighteen mobs scheduled for addition, so this mod represents a virtual space you want to watch.)

What's the difference between Quintissential Creatures and Mo'Creatures? Quintissential Creatures adds innovative mobs with entirely new purposes. For the most part, Mo'Creatures was about populating the world with a variety of interesting mobs. This mod is about making those mobs work for you.


The troll is a squat, low, and very aggressive creature who will stop at nothing to destroy you. Wait, did I say nothing? I meant it will stop at light. Light, either shed by torches or by the rising sun, will turn a troll into stone. When night falls again however, or the torches are removed, the troll will return to life and once more rampage after you.

When attacking, trolls will hurl damaging boulder blocks in your direction. When defeated, a 'live' troll will drop mushrooms. Mmm, tasty tasty mushroom soup. If you wait until the troll turns to stone and then destroy it, you'll be rewarded with a piece of bedrock. This isn't a block you'll be used to having in your inventory because bedrock is the rock that sits at the very bottom of the Minecraft world and cannot, I repeat, not be broken. It doesn't matter how diamond your pick is, bedrock is indestructible. So be careful where you place it, if you place it anywhere at all.


Making your Minecraft world feel reminiscent of the Galapagos Islands, the Tortoise is a large, peaceful mob that loves flowers. If you feed it flowers it will become friendly indeed and follow you around. Once it is following you, you can place a chest on its back and use it to carry things for you. Instead of having a pack mule, you'll have a pack tortoise! If the supply of flowers dries up, then your tortoise will wander off, so you might want to keep a few flowers handy, especially if your tortoise is loaded down with something important, like diamonds.

Download Quintissential Creatures


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