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Quiz: When is your Skyrim (Tamriel) Birthdate?

Updated on June 16, 2012

Journal Entry #1

A nightmare plagues my dreams and thoughts... It is about a place I know nothing about, and a place I know much about. I am Niauren-Ei, and I have dedicated my life to the study of Skyrim and its skies. In my youth, I studied at The College of Winterhold, and spent much time in the Arcanaeum. Today I travel throughout the wild lands of Skyrim, often camping near riverbanks, and searching the skies for answers.

Journal Entry #2

It wasn't more than two years ago that I began having dreams about a place called Earth. The dreams are vague, but thought provoking. In one dream I was taught by a young Imperial, or so he appeared, about something called a Gregorian calendar. It is somewhat like the Tamrielic calendar, but differs in a few ways. The dream felt strangely real, unlike any other dream I had experienced.

Journal Entry #3

I dismissed the dream, but every night the dream continued to plague my thoughts. I did everything in my power to move beyond it, to believe it was mere nonsense and move forward with my research into the skies of Tamriel, but this dream continued night after night, without ceasing. Eventually I began to refer to it as a nightmare, because it simply would never end.

Journal Entry #4

I finally have begun to see the importance in the dream, and why it plagued me for so long. There is an important connection between this Gregorian calendar, and our Tamrielic calendar. I have studied the stars for many years now, and have decided to call the phenomenon "Seeds of the Sky." Kud-Ei would be proud! Though I didn't know my distant relative Kud-Ei, I feel an overwhelming connection to her in times of clarity. All I really know is that she resided in Cyrodill. My mother believed that she and I were alike in many ways, and often talked of her great mind and heart.

Journal Entry #5

I have connected the two calendars, so that any day on one can be found on the other. I admit that had I not read so many books in the Arcanaeum, I may have never understood the dream at all. One of the more helpful books through this endeavor was "The Firmament" by Ffoulke. The book details constellations and their meanings. I have recorded the results of the "Seeds of the Sky" phenomenon beneath these words...

Quiz: When is your Skyrim Birthday?

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Tamriel Holidays

If you were born on a Tamriel Holiday then feel free to browse the following list, and see the meaning of the holiday in which you were born.

Tamriel Holiday
Associated Race
Morning Star 1st
New Life Festival
A Celebration of the New Year. It is also the Summoning Day for the Daedric prince Clavicus Vile.
Morning Star 2nd
Scour Day
It was originally a "clean up" day for the day following New Life Festival, but it has now become a celebration day of its own.
Morning Star 12th
A holy day wherein the people of the Alik'r Desert offer prayers to Stendarr.
Morning Star 13th
Meridia's Summoning Day
The Summoning Day for the Daedric Princess Meridia.
Morning Star 15th
South Winds Prayer
This is a holy holiday wherein all the religions of Tamriel pray for a good planting season.
Morning Star 16th
Day of Lights
This is a Holiday of prayer for a good fishing and farming year in Hammerfell. It is celebrated in Skyrim with the distribution of little candies.
Morning Star 18th
Waking Day
Waking Day began in prehistoric times to "wake the spirits of nature" after winter, and is now a celebration of the end of winter.
Sun's Dawn 2nd
Mad Pelagius
A day when foolishness of all kinds is encouraged; the holiday is a mock memorial to Pelagius Septim III who was once an eccentric and foolish Jarl of Solitude, and later became the Emperor of Tamriel.
Sun's Dawn 5th
A celebration of Baron Othrok's war victory and claim over Dwynnen after defeating the undead.
Sun's Dawn 8th
Day of Release
A celebration of the defeat of the Alessian Army by the Direnni Elves at the Battle of Glenumbria Moors.
Sun's Dawn 13th
Feast of the Dead
A festival held to honor Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions.
Sun's Dawn 16th
Heart's Day
A holiday celebrating the "Legend of the Lovers" through song. The inns usually offer a free room for visitors on this day. This is also the Summoning Day for Sanguine.
Sun's Dawn 27th
Perseverance Day
This is now a boisterous celebration, but was once a solemn memorial to those killed in battle.
Sun's Dawn 28th
Aduros Nau
A celebration of the sensual urges that springtime brings. The Imperial Priests actively condemn the holiday, and it is not usually celebrated by those who are virtuous.
First Seed 5th
Hermaeus Mora's Summoning day
The Summoning Day for Hermaeus Mora.
First Seed 7th
First Planting
This is the celebration of fresh beginnings, both for the people of the city and for the crops.
First Seed 9th
Day of Waiting
An ancient holy day wherein the residents of the Dragontail Mountains in Hammerfell fearfully locked themselves away in their homes, and waited on the desert dragon to devour the wicked.
First Seed 21st
The Summoning Day for Azura.
First Seed 25th
Flower Day
A celebration to welcome spring; often filled with singing, dancing, and the gathering of new flowers.
First Seed 26th
Festival of Blades
A celebration of the possibly mythic Redguard victory over a race of giant goblins.
Rain's Hand 1st
A festival to honor Druagaa, the old goddess of flowers.
Rain's Hand 9th
Peryite's Summoning Day
The Summoning Day for Peryite.
Rain's Hand 13th
Day of the Dead
A celebration of ancestors, and according to tradition the day that the dead rise to wreak vengeance on the living.
Rain's Hand 20th
Day of Shame
A somber day when victims of the Knahaten Flu were denied entry into Hammerfell.
Rain's Hand 28th
Jester's Day
A whimsical day that is celebrated by gags and pranks.
Second Seed 7th
Second Planting
A day similar to First Planting, and improvements made on seeding symbolically suggest improvements on the soul.
Second Seed 9th
Marukh's Day
A holiday immortalizing the virtuous lessons of the prophet Marukh. This is also the summoning Day for Namira.
Second Seed 20th
Fire Festival
A popular celebration of magic and military strength.
Second Seed 30th
Fishing Day
A grandly scaled and noisy fishing event.
Mid Year 1st
Drigh R'Zimb
This festival is in honor of the sun, and it is held in the hottest time of the year in Abibon-Gora.
Mid Year 5th
Hircine's Summoning Day
The Summoning Day for Hircine.
Mid Year 16th
Mid Year Celebration
A Mid Year celebration that is possibly held to alleviate the Emperor's latest tax increase.
Mid Year 23rd
Dancing Day
A holiday of much merriment which was popularized by the Red Prince Atryck.
Mid Year 24th
A celebration in honor of Tiber Septim.
Sun's Height 10th
Merchants Festival
A time when merchants, with the exception of the mages guild, drop their prices by half. This is also the Summoning day for Vaernima.
Sun's Height 12th
Divad Etep't
A time when the people of Antiphyllos mourn the death of Divat, one of the early Redguard heros.
Sun's Height 20th
Sun's Rest
This is a day of rest and relaxation; stores are closed, and citizens generally avoid commerce, prayer, and taxing activities.
Sun's Height 29th
Fiery Night
A lively celebration of the hottest day of the year in the Alik'r Desert
Last Seed 2nd
Maiden Katrica
A festival celebrating a warrior who saved the people of Ayasofya
Last Seed 11th
Koomu Alezer'i
A thanksgiving of sorts celebrating the harvest through prayer.
Last Seed 14th
Feast of the Tiger
A great celebration and feast in honor of a bountiful harvest, and was likely once a religious holiday to the Tiger god.
Last Seed 21st
Appreciation Day
A holy, contemplative, and ancient holiday of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest that is devoted to the goddess Mara.
Last Seed 27th
Harvest's End
A celebration of the fruits of the harvest. The taverns offer free drinks all day long.
Hearthfire 3rd
Tales and Tallows
A spooky holiday celebrating necromancy; some of the more superstitious residents do not speak on this day in fear of being possessed by evil spirits of the dead. It also may be possible to summon Nocturnal on this day
Hearth Fire 6th
This is a celebration that takes place in the Wrothgarian Mountains, and it commemorates the day when the finest young scholars are accepted into a priesthood.
Hearthfire 8th
Nocturnal's Summoning Day
The summoning day for Nocturnal.
Hearth Fire 12th
A festival of gratitude for the good graces of the gods on the people of Lainlyn, and is often celebrated with plays, and pageants.
Hearth Fire 19th
Children's Day
A celebration of youth that began as a grim memorial to children who were stolen from their homes by vampires.
Frost Fall 5th
Dirij Tereur
A sacred day honoring Frandar Hund, a Redguard spiritual leader.
Frost Fall 8th
Malacath's Summoning Day
The Summoning Day for Malacath.
Frostfall 13th
Witches Festival
A day when the forces of sorcery and religion clash, and The Mages Guild offers half-price discounts on magic spells. This is also the summoning day for Mephala.
Frost Fall 23rd
Broken Diamonds
A day of silent prayer and remembrance dedicated to Empress Kintyra II.
Frostfall 30th
Emperor's Day
A day dedicated to the birthday of Emperor Uriel Septim VII; in past years it was celebrated by traveling carnivals, and an annual Goblin Chase on horseback.
Sun's Dusk 2nd
The Summoning Day for Boethiah.
Sun's Dusk 3rd
Serpent's Dance
This holiday is believed to be a religious holiday honoring the Serpent god.
Sun's Dusk 8th
Moon Festival
A holiday in honor of the ancient moon goddess Secunda.
Sun's Dusk 18th
Hel Anseilak
An ancient holy day called "Communion with the Saints of the Sword," and honored by the people of Pothago.
Sun's Dusk 20th
Warriors Festival
A festival dedicated to the warriors of Tamriel. Merchants and Blacksmiths usually offer weapons for half price on this day.
Evening Star 15th
North Winds Prayer
A holy day of thanksgiving, observed by the Temples of Tamriel, to the gods for a fruitful harvest and a mild winter.
Evening Star 18th
Baranth Do
A day meaning "Goodbye to the Beast of Last Year." It is a new years celebration of sorts, and features pageants.
Evening Star 20th & 24th
A sacred day and festival blessing the new year in the barony of Kairou. It features a solemn ceremony, tournaments, and street parades. This is also the Summoning Day of Molag Bal.
Evening Star 25th
A holiday honoring the god of debauchery which is celebrated by gift giving, parties, and parades.
Evening Star 30th & 31st
Old Life Festival
A grim holiday that honors the past, and is celebrated by attending temples and reflecting on past events. It is rumored that priests will charitably perform resurrections on this day.

Table holiday sources are from: The Elder Scrolls Wikia, Imperial-Library, UESP, Daggerfall Chronicles, and in-game resources. It is uncertain as to whether or not the events on the calendar actually take place in-game, but these are official Tamriel holidays.


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