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Ragnarok Online Leveling Guide

Updated on January 31, 2015

Ragnarok: the Best Places to Level Up

  • Blacksmith: You can go either road VIT or AGI road. AGI gives you the option to control-click on the level, while VIT mobbing makes it even easier to level. AGI types may want to invest a little time to get the battlefield medallions and enjoy the level-up that ASPD provides. If you do so, you'll have to invest in specialized weapons for any of the places in which you intend to race.
  • West High Orcs: The map is not too mobby so harassment would not be a good option here. 1-shot or control-click works well.
  • Clock Tower High Orcs: An extremely Mobby card. You can either mob here, or use Mammonite to hit the 1-High Orcs.
  • Hill Winds: A mobby map, but preferable to 1-hit the hill of the winds, which have a range of 4 cells, thus making it hard to retaliate.
  • Bathori. A beautiful card mob. Control is possible here with a good weapon. 1-shot will almost always impossible because of the requirement of an Asperio.
  • Rachel Sanctuary: A good place to control-click on any mob with an anti-human half weapon.
  • Ice Titans. They can become very expensive. You will need a Swordfish carded armor and an ax with a Soul Linker buff slave full Adrenalin Rush. You can either Mammonite or Control-click. Priest of support is recommended.
  • Thor Dungeon. A very difficult place to level, but EXP can pay. You'll need a lot of white potions, and one for assumptio HP, with an endowment of ice. As long as you can hit the Kasas, withdecent Mammonite damage, Thors may become possible.

Ragnarok Online Leveling - Characters


  • Prontera Culvert 4 low
  • Room monitoring Toy Toy Factory 2: low
  • Orc Dungeon Level 2: Low level
  • Clock Tower B4F 70 + (125 + hit)
  • he interior of the ancient sanctuary Tamruans: 80 +
  • Sphinx * Level 4: 80 +
  • West Kokomo Beach 80 +
  • Laboratory Somatology Biolabs 1: 80 + (only if Removers leak is low)
  • Prontera Guild Dungeon * 80 + (Fireblend / Ice Pick)
  • Clock Tower High Orcs B2f: 80 +
  • El Mes Plateau Sleepers: 80 + (Ice Pick)
  • Turtle Island 85 + (200 + flee)
  • Rachal Sanctuary * 90 + (200 + Flee)


  • Level 1-12: Leveling as a novice. Stick to low level monsters like Poring, Roda Pupas, and frogs. If being Tanked, try Poporings.
  • Level 12-30: The first few jobs as an Acolyte will have you kill the same kinds of monsters as a novice, or you can pay to go to Caves instead of killing Poporings. Unless the property has Acolyte SP / INT gear, they must ensure they have enough equipment to defend themselves while regenerating HP and SP.
  • Level 30-40: Here is where you can choose to solo or skip right to a fully supporting party. The Acolyte can choose to heal-bomb monsters in the 2nd and 3rd levels of pay Caves, or possibly cure-bomb the Church Yard Glastheim, but Mimics, Hunter Flies, and Lord of Flies make doing so a challenge. The easiest thing to do is find a low level Mage part in Argiope Prontera, Mi Louyang Gaos, Clock Tower Glastheim or Sewer Stings if both members of the party have the right equipment.
  • Level 40-50: Continue to heal the bombing of the above locations, and possibly go to prison Glastheim once you have Sacred Light Zombie. Also you may continue to level with the Magi, but try to be at the Clock Tower and Stings now unless the party members are all new to Romania.
  • Level 50-65: Again the same scene, try one party alone is very slow and boring. May not want it a little and find a new modification of the wizard at the place at the prison because they can mob. Or low Dancer / Bard to go with a sting, because they'll kill far more efficiently than a Mage. Also, if the Acolyte has very good equipment, they may consider celebrating with a Grand Cross Crusader Glastheim to Chivalry.



  • Pay Cave Skeletons and Zombies 1: 12-30
  • Tatami Maze Firelock soldiers: 30-66 (Pneuma strongly suggested)
  • GLAST While Heim Churchyard view: 50-70
  • B4F Anubis Sphinx: 70-99 (Turn Undead strongly suggested)


  • Field 1 Mi Louyang Gaos: 30-70
  • While Norgroad view: 70-99
  • Ice Dungeon 3 for All: 80-99
  • Ice Dungeon 2 for All: 95-99
  • Laboratory Somatology Everything in sight 3: 95-99
  • B4F Anubis Sphinx: 70-99 (Grand Cross Crusader highly recommended)


A few important facts about the monk.

  1. First, it is a good idea to master all your basic skills on the training ground. A COA should not be afraid to spam his potions, as they will run out after you move on form your first job.
  2. Secondly, Battle ACOS are some of the most difficult classes to level up with. It is required to reach level 50 and Acos have to use 20 skill points in divine protection and Demon Bane just to get their first Monk Skill. In addition, there are no attacks on their offensive assignments.

With that in mind, here's some good places to level this character up.

  • Level 10-20: Prontera Culvert Tarous and Plankton
  • From level 10 and over, trying to capture the Tarous Culvert at level 2. It will monitor the family members. Bringing red pots also helps a lot in the early levels. Heal its level up to level 3, then Agi Inc 1 for the running speed.
  • Millions of tonnes. Mjolnir Horns: Level 20-30: If he sits on a large pile of money, buy a good quantity of red potions and try to take a Horns card north of the entrance. The Cocos give good experience. If it is moderately rich, get him a Stunner of 60k in SW Morroc. It can be used after level 27, and you'll notice a significant difference in ATK. If it is not very rich, try to go a little over Tarous. It's slow, but worth it. During this step, try to upgrade its Pneuma tree. (Ruwach 1> Teleport 2> Warp Portal 4> Pneuma 1)
  • Millions of tonnes. Mjolnir Horns, Toy Monitoring Room Cruisers: 30-40. At the moment, it should be able to rely more on his healing pots. If he wants, he can slow the horn before reaching the real deal: Long ranged enemies. Pneuma is a skill that protects against long-ranged attacks, such as gunshots or Firelocks Cruisers, arrows, etc. Gargoyle Skeleton Archer Solo leveling is one of the most useful. If he has a good Dex, it may begin to level off of killing high levels of Cruisers. Furthermore, before it reaches the level 40, it should review its skill points. If he is not happy with them, go to the Hypnotist near the tool in Pront Shop and reset. After level 40, it can not do more.
  • Tatami Maze Firelock soldiers, Toy Monitoring Room Cruisers: 40-50. Either remain at the Toy Factory ten more levels, or head to Alberta and go to a place called Amatsu and enter the dungeon, after completing the quest. Find an enemy soldier called Firelock there. These guys are great exp and the cards they drop are wroth a lot. Remember, do not push pneuma skills. Firelocks have fire attack that can inflict about 700-800 damage. Also, getting to Amatsu costs 10,000. Bring a clip hide or nile pink belt to hide when finding Shinobi.
  • Tatami Maze Firelock soldiers, Toy Monitoring Room Cruisers: 50-60. Whatever the better. Firelocks better JEXP. Cruisers = Safe, Firelocks = Best.
  • Tatami Maze Firelock soldiers: 60-job change. Firelocks, firelocks and firelocks up to 50 jobs. Cats Leaf is also a good place once you've reached a baseline of 60.
  • Sleepers Field Juno, Morroc Field Sandman or Tatami Maze Firelock soldiers: the change of employment - 75. Basically, it's a firelock soldier until the player is at a sufficient level of employment. If the player is a monk or an AGI type that just wants to hand-to-hand combat with the monsters, they should go to matter.
  • Freezer allowing soldier: ~ 75 + Perfect for Occult Impact Monks. You need a triple chain clamorous and Priest with Lex Aeterna and you can hit the turtle. Great EXP also higher for the monks. Only pests could get on your nerves;)
  • Wind Hill: Combo Monks 70-85. The hill has light winds and a good employment between HP and EXP. Just watch out for Drosera's Close Confine.


  • Field pay Poring Island: 1-20
  • Prontera Culvert Level 1 to 3: 15-35
  • Einbroch Field Metalings: 20-45
  • Room monitoring Toy Toy Factory 2: 40-60
  • West Orc Village 60-80
  • Valley Gyoll Nifflheim Zone 2: 70-85
  • Rachel Sanctuary Vanberk * 1F, Isilla: 70 +
  • Field Juno Sleepers: 75-90
  • Clock Tower High Orcs B2f: 80-90
  • Turtle Island surface 80-90
  • Sphinx * Level 4: 80-90
  • Turtle Island Dungeon Level 2: 80-99 (with Ice Pick / House Auger)
  • Ruins of Juperos Juperos 1: 90 + (or earlier with 8 (+) and Triple Beholder Jur Grimtooth; status arrow optional)
  • Laboratory Somatology Biolabs 3: 95 +
  • 4F AGAV Rachel Sanctuary, Echio, Hodremlin: 90 +
  • Cursed Abbey 2F Zombie Slaughter, Ragged Zombie: 90 +
  • Ice Ice Dungeon 3 Titans: 80 + (with Ice Pick / House Auger)


Try to stick to basic training until at least level 10; it is not so difficult, even with the power 1.

  • Prontera Field Savage Babes, Desert Wolf Puppies, PecoPeco eggs, Condors, Picker: 1-11. If you have any purpose Prontera in the work area and are not 10 yet, go here, there is a better plan for Wolf puppies, but you're likely to find much help overwhelmed if what you attack, this card can also be applied to the whole class if you are a novice, 10 for employment, and you can get your first employment levels here and after changing.
  • Millions of tonnes. Mjolnir Floras, Mandragora: 11-25. Use Fire Arrows. Floras are large, so it may take some time initially. But keep in mind they can't hit you if they are about 4 + spaces away, Mandragora you can not hit at about 5 + spaces away and are also weak to fire, and beware Argiope Male Thief Bugs.
  • Field Einbroch Floras, Geographers: 15-35. Use Fire Arrows. Floras and geographers are stationary and can not attack beyond 4 cells. Do not attack Yoyos Porcellio and that travel this area. Porcellio yoyos and help hard-hit and fast at the recommended level.
  • Pay Greatest Field General: 30-60. Crystal Arrows recommended. The generals will not attack if you attack from about + 4 steps away. Beware that Horongs and Nine Tails may be able to go sooner if you have 80 + hit.
  • Rachel Field Hill Winds, Drosera: 60 +. Arrows Stone Hill Wind and Fire Arrows for attention Drosera Drosera, Hill Winds 4233 HP, you need to kill them with 1 double strafe. Orange 100 pots per hour. High ASPD and Flee recommended.
  • Einbroch Field Metalings, Geographers: 30-70 +. Fire Arrows recommended. Beware of groups of 2 or more geographers, since they heal each other, and just try to kill the minerals on the card. Holdens have a 9-cell attack, so attack at your own risk.
  • Field Einbroch goats, 5 Harpies (after 10.4): 70 +. Crystal Arrows recommended for goats. Episode after 10.4, 5 Harpies appear on the ground to Stone Arrows have at hand. Ankle Snare is a must, such as helping the goats, and have a stun attack. A 3 + Goblin carded bow, DEX 120 +, 173 + and a ASPD are everything you need for goats. Only the best solo spot in the game (after Episode 10.4) for trappers. If you have high Flée (210 +) and moderate LIVES (30 +), you can forgo the traps. Bring Green Potions of the Harpies, they also have a high AGI, and will use 2 traps, if you do not have Double Strafe them.
  • Field Juno goats, Drillers, 40 Harpies (after 10.4): 70 + (before 10.4), 80 + (after 10.4). Crystal Arrows recommended for goats, Stone Harpies arrows. Episode after 10.4, 40 Harpies appear on the ground, reducing the ease of the hunt and experience levels. Before 10.4, the best place in the solo game for the Trappers (low Flée hunters), an easy 1 mil / hr. Episode after 10.4, you can consider the field referred to above.
  • GLAST Heim Culvert 3 Sting, Gargoyle: 70 +. Fire Arrows for Stings recommended for Earth Arrows Gargoyle, traps, and many of Fly Wings. The experience here is better than geographers and it is very easy to kill Stings. Try searching attacked Sting a day they die very easily to the fire, but they Arrows Hit Hard and Fast if they close. Beware of Gargoyles, if you see them, Teleport away quickly to avoid being hit.
  • Alligators Papuchicha Forest, Poison Spores, Indians, PoPorings: 25-60. Unless you have a party or a tank, you will most likely cliffing alligators, Wind arrows on the best Alligators, as the fire works best on the Indians, an 8 or more Goblin carded multiple (more than destruction, against Brutes, Alligator and Savage are gross) is recommended.
  • Kokomo Beach fur seals, Galapagos: 70 +. Arrows wind to the sea lion fur, fire arrows to the Galapagos, and a 3 + Goblin carded bow for both. Before your 80 Ankle Snare is almost unavoidable. Once your Flée is above 195, you can forgo the traps, but the sea lion fur an element of water very powerful attack, so that water or wind property armor is recommended if you're not trapping. They also have a fairly strong normal attack, it is strongly recommended to trap or Double Strafe. Nevertheless, a Fur Seal will decrease rapidly. It is essentially, as Stings without annoying Gargoyles, but requiring Wind Arrows.
  • Sphinx Minorous, pasan, Marduk: 65 + Crystal Arrows and a further 8 or more Vadon carded highly recommended, if you lack ASPD / flee, you will need to rely on much Ankle Snare, Attention Minorous "Hammerfall, especially in groups, attacks They pass critical use and, pasan carded armor or Fire Resist potions are useful, as Marduk-fire and fire prevention using bolts, there are some Mimics to monitor.
  • Clock Tower 2F Clocks, Punks, Ridewords: 65 +. This is also leveling the Mage class place, so be prepared to have Mimcs and Ridewords dumped on you from time to time, fire arrows are very useful against the clock, an 8 or more before or with multiple skel worker cards (more damage against medium clocks) or preferably several PecoPeco Egg cards (more damage against the Form type Clocks, Ridewords, Mimics and Tower Keeper), try to avoid 2 seniors on this map, like the plague, unless you are high, contributing to a party, but the card is capable solo.
  • Clock Tower 3F Alarms, Ridewords: 65 +. Same equipment as above, except for the use of either iron, steel or iron Oridecon arrows are easier to obtain but, as above, beware of mage types dumping and Ridewords Mimics on you, another thing to look for: Since the implementation of 10.2 episodes, the possibility of filing an alarm Clip accessory is severally reduced since some people were setting up the mage class or Rogue bots in an attempt to use clips, most of the time, these robots to gather large crowds and teleport out if a player is in the region.
  • Clock Tower 4F Alarms, Clocks, Owl Dukes: + 65 (Party STRONGLY recommended). Owl Dukes you can mess up pretty badly, in addition to the recommended before in the previous 2 spots, an 8 or more multi Minorous carded (more damage against Great Owl Dukes) or more carded Abysmal Knight (Extra Boss reported against damage monsters, Owl Duke boss is reported) before, the only attention the elderly, and the executioner, sometimes there is a place where all ridewords respawn on the map at a time, be ready to teleport if you fall into this country.
  • Turtle Island surface Dragontails & Spring Bunnies: + 85 (10k Zeny payant). May be mobby from time to time. Use flywing Sandman or trap during the execution of a mob. A malicious before is good for regening HP si solo. Instead of Fire / Stone quiver, Blood Red bring (if you find them cheap) and craft Lives green, they are much lighter. Use fire on rabbits and arrows of stone arrows on dragonflies, silver arrows on pests, if you bother to kill them. Beware of bashe rabbit, they bad! This is the best place for solo hunters Flée, bringing to about 1.5 Mil / h, but take care. OR, if you have good INT, appointment with a priest, and you can make 1.5 Mil / h for both of you! It is ideal for use Focused Arrow Strike for you snipers.
  • Lighthalzen Dungeon 3 - Laboratoire de Bio Somatology Monsters (not mvp): 95 + (non-trans) 90 + (trans). This place is properly oriented and is good for seasoned hunters and snipers if u want to SOLO; BM mode is a MUST. Otherwise to find a part and benefit from it.

Ragnarok Leveling Guide: Equipment & State Recommendations.

  • 140 (hunter) / / 150 (sniper) Selfbuff dex (arrow instant push is a big plus). Whenever possible, the leak, as the immune system and it is not effective against damage caused by monsters in BIO3, 6000 sec base is recommended to survive LK's (lance-boom) and the High-Wiz FD. Half-human carded (moisture) before and carded Demon (Sroufe) Bow or arch Rudra If you can not pay the Sroufe cards. Hydra arc will be used on HWizzards BIO, Whitesmiths, HPriests, snipers, and the Lord for Stoufa Knights and Sinx. you'll need about 5 arrow types 200-300E (variable) per round spaming DS, (200) Silver (Sinx) (300) Wind (Wsmiths) (200) Shadow (Hpreist) (300) intangible (HWiz) (300 ) Crystal (LKnights); snipers will be killed in another manner specified later. (Silver = Shops, Crystal Arrows = Fang of Garm, intangible Arrows Emperium = Shadow = Arrow Key to the Clock Tower, Wind Arrows = wind vendures) thawed is useful against the Wizzards. Bring fly wings around 40, still has to complete 89% of weight bluepots sp regening or other elements.

Monster Tactics

Each requires a different approach. We will start with the easiest to difficult

  • Whitesmith: Place an ankle trap between you and the whitesmith, DS until the WAS is in the trap, go to another place of capture and benefit from it. (snipers will be directed beable to kill whitesmith before it is released from the 2nd trap easily. 150dex, hydra bow, 184ish atkspd) Wind arrows + Hydra
  • High Priest: Place an ankle trap between you and the HPreist. Pull until it is in the trap, in which it will be pnuema (90% of the time). you can either a) return + arrow anklesnare it in the shower, and when pnuema low draw. B) use a skid trap if you have one to move in a safe place. be careful with the palette. Shadow arrows + Hydra
  • AssassinCross: Attention cloaking sinx * if they come out next to you, you pray to a dodge) repel arrow b) move quickly and snare c) flying wing. make sure u keep least 5 places to avoid grimtooth far. If, before trapping Sinx AGI up, just run immediately and wait for the IGA in place. except between the trap and pull away (you should pass the trap closest to the sinx as possible with the arrow first as a shower up'd AGI sinx is impossible to achieve). silver arrows + Sroufe
  • LordKnight: be very careful when your lure into these traps, launches boomerangs can easily kill you in 1-2 shots without power-ups. The tactic of lureing LK's is first find a LK, and 2 to trap them between you and your target. DS him once or twice and then move backwards to a safe place where you can so that the LK is in the traps. Make sure the U 10 + spaces away, which is almost the edge of your screen, or it boomberang SPEAR. if it survives past the first trap, return to 2 no other way in your next trap. if it is near you, arrow repel, trap and move in the opposite direction or flywing. Crystal + Arrows Sroufe
  • Wizard: The most dangerous if the wrong kind, but if the correct one, it is quite easy and the higher exp and easy to kill. first task is like Hwizzard LK, locate. screening is very important for lures in BIO3 unique. trap down, once or twice a DS, and Run Like Hell. if the success HWiz gets on you, it usually means death, FD = 6k, frozen and if it follows immediately with JT, the harm is death. Fireball = 12k damage. = 3k = SoulStrike curses and spells followed. Trasher view = 1-2k, nothing to fear. if u cast HWiz see you behind a wall or turn the corner, if done quickly enough, the actors are doomed to fail and nothing will happen. if u have trapped, just pull away. * It will always use as first FD intangible sort * Arrows + Hydra.
  • Snipers: almost impossible, and yet its feasible requirements, sniper, 260 + flee, Falcon Assault and a lot hp / def. As agiuped Sniper is almost impossible to obtain, if u have a corner / / wall behind pop and FA and run back. Dodgeable there is a certain amount and it takes about 12 to 20 of the FA int. Only to do when all Sectors / / paths are blocked (described below)

Areas to Lure

So now that you know how to kill monsters, equipment to use, you must know your environment. solo is very risky and death around every corner, thus minimizing the risks, you must use the environment. there are usually 6 fields u goto once you can reach bio 3, all from the entrance.

Go south and attract monsters path straight and narrow.

Go directly to the north and spread through the north wall to block monsters. Then the C / D / / E / / F is similar. From the entrance go either East or West. once the head either North or South. you can then enter a section with a wall on both the West and to the West or East, if u went East. next to the stairs will thoose cases. use the stairs to attract monsters down to them, where you can trap (be careful with your pathing or when you die lure monsters). Remember to be patient when searching for rushing on the monsters you killed. Snipers most experienced / / Hunters can venture further, but be very careful.


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