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Radio Control Excavator - Fun RC Construction Machines

Updated on January 9, 2012

RC Excavator

Kids love Radio Control cars.  They love the massive machines that aid in construction and demolition of massive buildings.  Combine those two things, and you have a sure-fire popular toy!  These RC Excavators make wonderful gifts for boys and girls.  With fully articulating arms and authentic movements, kids will be clamoring over these creative and fun toys!

Do you remember playing with an excavator in the sand box when you were a kid?  What would you have given to be able to control the movements with a radio transmitter?  That would have been the ultimate gift for me!

With their distinctive yellow paint jobs and massive lifting capabilities, these machines will find an enthusiastic owner in your child. 

Lego Technic Excavator

Lego's Technic brand is a step higher than the traditional interlocking bricks.  With the Lego brand name behind them, you know that these are well-made and will stand the tests of curious kids!

Some of these kits will include the motor, while others can be enhanced with the Power Functions Motor set.  These sets are not for the young children.  In fact, a few of them have almost 1,000 pieces and require significant effort to assemble.

If your child is looking for a challenge and enjoys engineering, then consider the Lego Technic excavator as a fun gift!

RC Excavators
RC Excavators

Other Construction Machines

There are other machines that can be worked by radio control.  The Backhoes, flatbed trucks and loaders will complement a growing collection of realistic construction vehicles. 

Imagine how much fun your kids will have collecting these various pieces.  They will enjoy watching the hydraulic actuators go to work as they dig holes and raze buildings.

Don't tell the kids, but parents enjoy these just as much as they do!  


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