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Rpg Maker VX Battle Sprites

Updated on May 16, 2010

Need graphics?

There's plenty of default monster resources that come with RMVX, but it's not always enough for the project of your dreams. Several talented artists in the maker community have come to your rescue! Below you'll find some links for sprites that suit any type of battle system.

Please make sure you give credit to any artists who's work you use in your games. They spent a long time working on them, and 10 seconds to write down someone's name isn't too much to ask. Pop them a message too if you use their battle sprites. Chances are the artist would love to know about any Rpg Maker VX games they were helpful in creating.

Example from Lorestrome
Example from Lorestrome

How to import a sprite

These graphics have to be imported into your Rpg Maker VX project directory. First, you have to download battlers to your computer somewhere. Right click and select "save image". It's not recommended to save them directly to your project directory for two reasons. #1: Sometimes transparency will need to be set differently, like the worm to the right. #2: It lets you put them into other Rpg Maker VX projects you might want to make easily.

Once you've downloaded the files you need to import them into your RMVX project. You can do this by pressing the Materials button (f10) once you've got it opened. Select the type of file, then import. Find the directory you saved battle sprites to. You can add many at once by holding the mouse button and drawing a box over all the filenames. You can also multi-select by holding the shift key down.

Add your transparencies (left click = transparent, right click = shadow transparent) and then you're done! Open up the database, create some new Rpg Maker VX monsters, and have fun. Many of the creatures you'd find below would be amazing boss monsters.


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