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Updated on August 18, 2014

Bunnyhopping and Cover

In RCL and Gun Fighting, you must at all times bunnyhop and use cover. Bunnyhopping is a popular term meaning to jump around like a crazy person, or in the recognition of the term, like a bunny. Jump fast enough and randomly enough and your opponent will have a hard time killing you. Combine it with aim and presto: you'll be an amazing RCLer.

RCL Means ROBLOX Clan League

RCL means ROBLOX Clan League, a popular system for fair combat on ROBLOX concerning guns, namely a simple assault rifle and pistol concept.

Aim, Aim, Aim!

In RCL, aiming is key. If you can't aim, you won't be able to kill your opponent, or as ROBLOX likes to say, "BLOX". Aiming is using you mouse to always be over the enemy ROBLOXian no matter what he does: hide behind cover, jump up and down, or run circles around you. You need to kill him as soon as possible, and you can only do this if you aim.

This strategy works with any gun type. Increase your mouse sensitivity to be faster and keep up with your opponent's fast movements.

How To Bunnyhop

To bunnyhop, you simply need to spam the space bar with you left hand while pressing the A and D key, randomly. Holding down the A and Space key while randomly pressing the D key works just as well.

A good example of superior RCL'ing.

As you can see on the video to the right, you'll notice that this person uses cover in such a way with strategic timing that he perfectly defeats his opponent. Even I'm not as good as this guy.

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For Your Information!

Note: there are many different ways to gun fight on ROBLOX, these are just a few simple tips that I like to use when RCLing. I highly suggest you to use them as a beginner, but as you progress through your ROBLOX career you may find other strategies work better for you. Do not be afraid to use these new-found skills because every person is different.


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