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RPG Is Not a Real Video Game Category

Updated on July 8, 2020


yes the topic this time is RPG the genre for a wide virilities of video games including pretty much all Final Fantasy's and Dark Souls. Overtime as I have become more educated on the subject matter I have come to realize that this genre is not real and should be removed out right from anything. What the heck are you talking about I hear you asking, well site down grab a drink and let us go over my reasons why it doesn't make and there for should be removed.

Role. Playing. Game.

Mario the king of platformers
Mario the king of platformers

Yes technically RPG stands for Role Playing Game, but anytime you play a game you take on a role such as Mario or Link. heck even if you go and create a character in a game you are taking on that role or perhaps a fantasy version of yourself (you wouldn't really want to fight a 60 foot monster would you?).

This means by just word play alone it doesn't make sense, I don't even know if I need to go any further many games use a level up system including Mortal Kombat 11 which is a fighting game through and through.

Alright then what do you call something like Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy 5 I think
Final Fantasy 5 I think

Okay the battle system is often times something that comes up to determine an RPG, but based on what I stated above something like traditional Final Fantasy or the Mario and Luigi series should be listed under turn based action or TBA something like Final Fantasy would be a TBA Adventure title calling it this would better explain what you are getting into without spoiling anything, similar to calling something horror, adventure or puzzle. After all some people might buy a game thinking it has a combat system like Pokemon or Final Fantasy and instead get something like Dragons Dogma or Fallout.

What about Dark Souls?

My old friend
My old friend

I would call Dark Souls by exactly what it is, an Action Adventure. you spend much of your time exploring and the combat is very engaging. The only thing that actually makes Dark Souls an RPG would be the level system (which is bonkers anyway) and perhaps all the items and the decisions that can effect the game which is also bonkers so nether of these things should even be considered for the genre of this awesome action adventure game, and further more if Dark Souls is an RPG then the next item certainly should be.

Just about every hack and slash

A screen shot from Dynasty Warriors 8
A screen shot from Dynasty Warriors 8

Most hack and slash games have everything that one would consider an RPG element, equipment that you must manage, some sort of level system and no less crazy stories, so why isn't Hyrule Warriors or Dynasty Warriors considered and RPG? perhaps it's the fast paced combat? that couldn't be right after all Skyrim, Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma are RPG games and they are not slow at all. So then if it is not the pace of the combat then why not include these hack and slash games as RPG titles? Also there are many modern beat em up games that have a level system and even items to use, so are they RPG games too?

The Conclusion

I Couldn't find anything better
I Couldn't find anything better

RPG is to vague and covers everything which kind of makes it a poor category, the whole point to a genre is to separate the subject matter from the everything else so that it is not lost among the crowd or at least norrow it down so that it is easier to find. The thing I found that was the hardest to dispute is turn based combat, To which I say we should call those Turn Based Action or TBA Games that would better describe the subject matter in the game, and there is a audience for Turn Based Action, carefully plaining every move, calculating all the effects of each move plus it gives you time between each round to have a sip from your favorite beverage. But that what I think what do you think? please let me know in the comment section below, I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you all have a super happy day.


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