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Rainy day activities and games for 8 to 12 year olds

Updated on August 29, 2012

Here comes the rain!

Kids love to run around and play outdoors but sometimes Mother Nature doesn't play ball! On a rainy day, trying to entertain kids indoors can be very difficult This hub will hopefully give you a few ideas to keep them occupied. I've tried to categorize them into different types of activities..

Please feel free to add you own ideas too in the comments section below. (I'd love to read them.)

Arts and Crafts

Most kids love to make things (especially if they can show those things off later or bring them home). Why not try:

Card making - It's always useful to keep some blank card of different colors in the house. The kids couls make greeting cards out of these by cutting out pictures of words from magazines, or drawing their own elements. I always tend to keep cards (like Christmas and Birthday cards) so that kides can cut these up later to make new cards.

(Where scissors are involved, either do the cutting for younger children yourself or carefully supervise them.)

Scrapbooking - Pick a theme and get the kids to go through newspapers or magazines and cut out images that suit that theme. Perhaps use printed out photographs of old vacations to make a scrapbook about vacationing.

Beading - If you have some thread and beads, let the kids make necklaces, braclets, keyrings, etc with the beads.

Art - Get out the crayons, felt tip markers, or paint and let their imaginations loose!

Makeup masterclass - Let the kids do 'makeovers' on each other.

(Make sure none of the kids are allergic to any types of make up!)

Board Games

You can get Board Games that are suitable for most age groups. Younger kids might like Operation, Tiddly Winks, Ludo, etc, while the older ones might enjoy getting stuck into a game of Monopoly, Chess or Scrabble.

This might be agood time to teach the kids a new game - perhaps they have never played Chess but would love to learn.

Also, card games can create great fun and laughter. Try old favorites like Snap, Old Maid, Rummy or for lots of fun teach them to play Cheat!

Use your imagination!

An old cardboard box can be a wealth of things to kids - it could be a pirate ship, a rocket to the moon, a fort, etc.

You can incorporate dress-up clothes to help with the game and get everyone in the mood.

Toys like Lego also help to fire childrens' imaginations as they can try to build anything they like.

Children can get 'lost' for hours in an imagination game - turning the living room into a camp site or medieval battleground, or far off planet, can be great fun.

Party games

There are always the old reliable party-type games like Musical Chairs, Giant Steps, Statues, Disco, etc.

These do need someone to referee/supervise though!

The Digital Age

Although I'm loath to add this bit, there is always the electronic games. Something like the Nintendo Wii Sports will at least get them moving around and can inspire some competition.

And finally, when it is time to start winding down, throw a few duvets and big pillows on the floor and put on an age-appropriate movie nad make some home made popcorn.


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    • Smora Laura profile image


      7 years ago from Ireland

      Great games ! "Don't touch the lava" was also one of my favs as a kid :)

    • securityproducts3 profile image


      7 years ago

      As a kid, one of the best games ever was, "Don't Touch The Lava." It's a classic!

    • peachpurple profile image


      7 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      My kids love board games and I made alphabet cards for them to play. Great suggestions. Thumb up


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