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Rarest Baseball Cards

Updated on June 10, 2014

Baseball Collectibles!


What Are The Rarest Baseball Cards

Sport cards are collectible and special trading cards that are usually printed either on paper stock or card stock. These cards can be almost on every sport related category, including association football / football, basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, hockey, racing, tennis, and other. The cards would normally feature either one (two or several) sport celebrities or professional personnel having some key role in relation to this or that sports area. In the following article we are going to review rarest baseball cards in the world, market prices, and provide other useful information. Rare / rarest sports cards being exceptional collectibles are priced high.

The rarest baseball cards are extremely valued. The limited issue of the card and the baseball celebrity are what make the baseball cards rare. The most valuable are the cards reproducing the Hall of Fame players. The rarest baseball cards can be sold at auctions at hundreds of thousand bucks and ardent card collector would afford only one or maximally two of such rarest baseball cards.

Card identification useful tips:

  • Check the leading auctions (both on site and online) in your state, country, and maybe worldwide.
  • Inform rare / rarest baseball card collectors, dealers what cards you want to purchase, provide your contact details.
  • Regularly visit the baseball cards shows - particularly the National one.
  • Once the right card appears on the horizon negotiate the price as the value depends on your payment ability, willingness to pay a particular sum. The value is usually predetermined by the limited number of the card and the high level of demand.

Honus Wagner


Ty Cobb


Among the rarest baseball cards are:

Honus Wagner, year of issue - 1909 of Tobacco card called "The Honus Wagner card. Only few of these are left nationwide. One has recently been purchased at the auction at $2.8 million.

Babe Ruth, year of issue - 1914 of Baltimore News Card, is valued in the rage of $250,000 - $500,000. This card is a collection must for Babe Ruth fans.
Babe Ruth, year of issue - 1933 of Goudey, the average auction rate is round $10,000.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson – year of issue - 1910 of Old Mill Card is rated at $100,000 - $200,000.

Ty Cobb, year of issue – 1914 of Texas Tommy Card is one of elite cards of Cobb memorabilia.

Cy Young, year of issue - 1893 of Chew or Smoke Card, is one of the oldest and thus one of the rarest baseball cards but generally priced round $100,000 at auctions.

Mickey Mantle, year of issue - 1961 of Topps Dice Game, valued at circa $100,000.

Joe Jackson, year of issue – 1914 of Texas Tommy, bearing the player in-action is considered to be one among the rarest cards of its kind, priced at $120,000.

Joe Jackson, year of issue – 1914 of Boston Garter Color, is a pioneer among the true color baseball cards, is priced at $90,000 - $120,000.

Albert Spalding, year of issue – 1888 of G and B Chewing Gum Card, representing a non-player, priced at $60,000 - $120,000.

You may wish to consult the price guides on baseball card value however they do not usually provide precise information on prices of the rarest baseball cards as it is being decided upon at auctions and sales.

Top 10 Most Valuable Baseball Cards


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