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Ravensburger 1665 World Map Puzzle – The Best Gift For Any Age

Updated on October 5, 2010

Ravensburger World Map

Ravensburger World Map
Ravensburger World Map

Ravensburger 1665 World Map Puzzle – The Best Gift For Any Age

From the senior most puzzle maker

Ravensburger world map puzzle is a proud presentation of the word’s number one puzzle maker “Ravensburger”. Otto Robert Maier, a publisher in Ravensburg, Germany founded the company “Ravensburger” in 1884 and he started making puzzle games in 1891. Since then, during more than a century, we have been playing puzzle games coming from Ravensburger. This name became the greatest in the puzzle world due to none other than the quality they assure puzzle to puzzle and piece to piece.

Incomparable Quality

Ravensburger world map puzzle is a great game consisting 3000 pieces. Ravensburger is equipped with most modern technology to assure an optimal interlocking fit of one puzzle piece to the other, to smoothen the entire game. It is the secret behind the long lasting of puzzle pieces. You know, if you get one piece broken…finish….it will be the biggest puzzle you get.

Ravensburger World Map Puzzle

Ravensburger World Map Puzzle
Ravensburger World Map Puzzle

Unlimited Satisfaction

It will not be easy to find the correct match among 3000 pieces to link the puzzle down. But, with all the hardship, once you completed setting all the pieces one by one, how much happiness and satisfaction would get into your mind.

WOW !!! Wonderful ! Really wonderful !!

You also feel this thrill for yourself.

A Flashback Of 1665

When you are untying the Ravensburger world map puzzle, you can feel that you re-uniting the world which is broken into 3000 pieces. And also, your kid is flying 350 years back to the history, as this puzzle is reproducing the map drawn in 1665. There you can compare it with the today’s satellite images and identify the matching and mismatching  and at the same time, you can wonder how could they did this map without having a support from such modern scientific instruments. 

Knowledge Gainer

While playing Ravensburger world map puzzle you can get a better idea about the world map too. It is really important for small fellows to have a basic idea about the world. Ravensburger world map puzzle shows you how the continents and oceans are spread around on the globe and many more details. It creates an interest about the world map in kids’ mind which will lead them to search further about the subject through parent’s and elders’ help.

Ravensburger World Map Puzzle Suites To Any Age Group

Ravensburger world map puzzle doesn’t mean a game only for kids but a nice relaxing for anybody at any age too. It is a perfect tool to make your mind up after a long day struggle in your workplace, to suit for the family life. It is a nice medicine to overcome mental stress too.

A Gift For A Lifetime

If you are searching for a gift for your child, Ravensburger world map puzzle would be the best and ideal one as it provides fun, excitement, satisfaction and some educational value too. You can buy Ravensburger world map puzzle with a great confidence as comes to you from the world best and odlest puzzle game maker in the world, Ravensburger of Germany.

Really affordable

Though it is from the world best, though is with the world best quality it doesn’t cost you much. Really cheap. It is not hard to find either. If you go shopping it would be a little harder. But no fuss in online buying. You get a big discount online and, it will be shipped free of charge too

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