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Realistic Babydolls :Buy Real Life Kids Baby Doll Online

Updated on June 29, 2015

Everyone loves babies. From ages 2 to 102, we are amazed what little ones can do. We awe over the little toes and the precious sounds they make. As children we dream of being 'mommy' and play for hours caring for our dolls.

Whether you are a collector of realistic baby dolls or searching for your child, look no further. These beautiful and so life-like dolls are here for your choosing and amazement.


For the child who is ready for all the responsibility of parenting, Corolle Dolls are the perfect choice. These dolls eyes really open and close, outfits are machine washable and easy for your child to to take off and put on.

And if you need one more reason, Corolle Dolls won ASTRAS "Top 20 Toys for the Holidays" Award.

Making Corolle dolls a perfect choice for your toddler.

Little Mommy Real Loving

Made by Mattel, moms are sure to rely on the quality of these adorable life-like dolls. Your little one will become a great 'little mommy' as she is able to interact with her very own little one.

Your child can name their own baby and through speech and hearing this sweet princess will recognize her own name, be able to ask for her bottle, play peekaboo, and giggle and giggle!

Don't forget bed time as this doll will take her blankie to bed and so much more.

This is a must have for the little one in your family who loves being Mom.

Charisma Dolls

Who can resist these beautiful dolls?

Whether it is one of the wonderful Marie Osmond Dolls or Penny Brite, you cannot find a better realistic doll for your collection.

All dolls are hand-crafted and personally numbered on the back of the dolls neck.

Each doll is special and unique with only the special attention to detail that is Charisma.

Ashton Drake

I have to admit, I LOVE Ashton Drake Dolls and have started a collection of my own. I am drawn to the Tiny Miracles Collection. Truly realistic and so fragile in appearance, I cannot stop looking at them. Whether you are a new fan or an avid collector, Tiny Miracles is a must!

Fight Breast Cancer

Whether you are supporting the Fight of Breast Cancer or gifting a doll to a new parent, each of these artistic and hand painted babies are sure to please.

Each doll comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

Madame Alexander

Whether you are looking for a child or the child within yourself, Madame Alexander is sure to be hit.

These classic dolls are crafted and weighted to feel lifelike. Clothing that has wonderful detailing and an unresistable face- Madame Alexander cannot be overlooked.


If you are looking at collecting dolls, I do encourage you. Not only is it fun, but it is enjoyed by the whole family. My two year old loves to see their faces and accessories and my teenager is intrigued by the fashions.

However, if you are serious about collecting, or want to collect for possibly making money, then I suggest reading up on how to do it. It's not only helpful to find what is 'hot' but what to look for and where. It is an overall money saver for you.


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