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Reason # 2: Ragnarok Online Guild War's Team Concept

Updated on February 16, 2013
5 stars for Ragnarok Online Guild War

It's a given fact that Ragnarok Online Guild War's strategy is to provide an array of tactics on how to defend and attack a castle and an emperium itself. I'm going to be showing you the different strategies Ragnarok players use in defending a castle during a Ragnarok Online Guild War: First Edition.

1. Emperium Room Hug - This is the basic (but still effective) way of defending your castle. In this case, all members of the party and guild are basically inside the Emperium Room while pre-casting the skills throughout the course of the WOE. Good side of this kind of defense is it mainly focuses on players coming in the portal while bombarding them with pre-casts of mostly Wizard's Storm Gust and Meteor Storm.

2. Main Entrance Defense - This is used seldom due to the fact that players do mostly defend on the emperium room itself. Some use this tactic to disrupt the organization or the compression of a guild inside a castle. While the Guild Leader is inside the Emperium Room ready to cast Emergency Call inside the Emperium if the primary defense outside is wiped.

3. The Suprise Defense - You don't even know its coming until you entered the portal. LOL. This defense mainly is about the element of suprise (as what the title says, :p ) This means playing a defense in the most unusual spot possible. Like, for example creating a defense position just in the middle part of the castle where most offensives usually pile up for attacking.

4. The HELP - Imagine a main guild defending the emperium room while a different guild or an alliance defending on another part of the castle. Pretty tough right? Yeah, in some cases these guilds help each other specially in defending castles with high economy (more economy, more loots, more chance of getting tier items)

While defending a castle is really the easy part when it comes to Ragnarok Online Guild War, this is still the most crucial part because some players come in bulks, that's why players tend to defend the portal to the emperium itself. But it some seldom cases, it is better to defend an area with a choke point. Just be aware of those Stalkers and Assassin Cross that could dodge the defense and quickly cast Emergency Call for their guild.

Ragnarok Online Guild Wars really develops and promotes Team Work in every aspect possible. To provide their skills as to being victorious as a team not as an individual.

In this video you will find out how Ragnarok Online Players defend their castle


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      paul 2 years ago

      very informative!