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Rebuild, Free Zombie Strategy Game

Updated on January 23, 2011
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Every zombie game out there deals with repelling the horde. But what happens after the main wave of the horde has passed? What happens when humanity's last survivors have barricaded themselves into a few safe locations? Rebuild is the game that seeks to answer that question.

Rebuild starts with a rag tag band of survivors who have managed to hold a little land. There's a small farm, a few houses and a police station. The city of Kitchener lays all around them, thoroughly infested by zombies. It is up to you to direct the survivors to re-take the city of Kitchener, to push back the zombie horde, to strengthen their position and to once again assert the powers of the living over the powers of the undead.

Occasionally zombies will attack. When that happens, you better hope that you managed your defenses well. Defenses are martialled at the police station, and you can assign various people to the police station to handle defense. A useful feature of the game is that DANGER rating which is avaliable on mission screens and building screens. With enough people, you can reduce the danger to 0%, which means you'll be safe from zombies should they attack. Perhaps that sounds like a cop out to you, perhaps you think that there should always be some danger. Well in that case, you're free to pare back defenses and try for a more aggressive expansion strategy. You're the boss.

Retaking Kitchener is a process of elimination. By that I mean, you've got to eliminate the zombies. The first building you'll probably want to reclaim is the Supermarket. There's food there that will supplement the meagre output of your little farm. Reclaiming the supermarket is a matter of doing a little reconnisance, taking what supplies you can, then killing the heck out of the incumbent zombies and building a fence around it so that the zombies cannot sneak in and turn you dead when you least expect it.

That's the gameplay. But what about the atmosphere, the ambiance, the general style in which the game has been executed?

Graphically the game works. It has a cartoon style feel and even the occasional cut scene (which is more Flash than IMAX, but you'll get over that, I reckon.) Where I was impressed however, was with the sound. This game has an incredibly kick ass sound track. In fact, even if you're not planning on playing the game, I recommend loading it just for the sound track so that you can feel a sense of excited urgency about your day. It's pretty rare that a free online game has a soundtrack actually worth mentioning, so three severed zombie thumbs up for this one.

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