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Redfield Backstory, End of Zoe: Coming to Resident Evil 7 DLC

Updated on November 16, 2017

Enter The Survival Horror

One of the mainstay franchises in my life has always been my rabid addiction to anything Resident Evil. Even after the style change and Resident Evil 4-6 made the drastic change to a more action co-op, I had great hopes for Resident Evil 7 finding its roots and bringing me back to the feeling I first got entering the Spencer Mansion.

As it turns out, 7 breathed so much life into the series with its mysterious Louisiana setting, rumors of New Umbrella, and the Baker clan, Resident Evil 7 continues its story in the next installment of downloadable content.


Resident 7 gets back to its roots with its spooky take on a creepy plantation and its monstrous inhabitants.

Not A Hero

Confirmed to be the same Chris Redfield, we know and love since fighting our way through the Spencer Mansion- Redfield appears after the boss battle at the end of Resident Evil 7 as Ethan learns the truth about Eveline and discovers why his wife had really disappeared some years before.

Redfield appears from a helicopter that depending on the ending based on your game play has either saved both Ethan and Mia, or shows Ethan watching the same video message that had been sent to his at the beginning of the game and throws his cell phone from the chopper. Introducing himself as just Redfield, we aren't sure until later information from Capcom, that this is indeed Chris, whom we haven't seen since the franchise went crazy with the shooter and co-op modes that chased away many of the survival horror fans from the series.

Chris is one of the few characters that has been reinvented game to game and looks much different even from his last appearance, so the Redfield that is promised for the Not A Hero DLC might reinvent our images of the former Raccoon City cop yet again.

We do know that Redfield is a member of what is being called New Umbrella, after his mission in Resident Evil 5, and the Not A Hero content is explained as being before the events that befell the Baker family on their plantation.

Delayed for several months this content is now promised for December along with the End of Zoe content which explains what exactly happened to Zoe. Fans of Resident Evil might recall a point in the main game where Ethan is faced with the choice of using a serum on either Zoe or Mia; and to be honest it really doesn't make any impact on the game which you chose to save at that moment. We have learned a little about Zoe's involvement in other downloaded content such as Daughters.

What I really want to see if a What Happened to Lucas?

Content will be released on December 12th for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

What I really want to know is what happened to Lucas after the events of Resident Evil 7...

Resident Evil 7 DLC

Not A Hero
End of Zoe
Ethan Must Die
Jack's 55th Birthday

Ethan's Mysterious Message

Resident Evil 7 revitalized the franchise after the release of several shooter style games that changed the puzzle-based and gore zombie fighting series that drove away many of the fans of the earlier games.

The only criticism I have walking away from 7 is that it was way too short with a first game play racking up under ten hours and every game play since with a significantly shorter time once you knew where to find the keys, major items, which routes were blocked by The Molded, and all the short cuts among the houses. Each time, though its still incredibly satisfying to power through.

The plot of the main story brings our every-man Ethan, to a Louisiana plantation after getting a mysterious message from his missing wife that summons him to the seemingly abandoned property.

Where Resident Evil 7 shines is the simplicity of the main story. Unlike other games where most of the clue to the experiments by the Umbrella Corporation are found in notes, diary entries, and sweet computer hacking skills, we find a few articles around the game that explain both the Baker children, Zoe and Lucas had their connections with Umbrella and it was Zoe that brought about the horror that transformed her family into monsters.

Instead of zombies, we only have the Baker family and drippy black creatures called The Molded to fight past in the game. It's a little disappointing when you lived for the newest evolution of the virus in earlier games, and The Molded can be avoided with some sprinting rather than wasting ammo.

Ethan learns that Eveline is a bio-weapon, the newest in the Umbrella weaponry, with creepy telekinetic powers and the ability to control genetic material of the dead and take over the minds of the living- in the case of the Baker family making them her supernatural minions.

While other DLC tackles many of the unanswered questions that 7 leaves, such as who is this New Umbrella? What is their purpose? Why is Chris Redfield among them and why were they in communication with Lucas and Zoe?

Not A Hero may imply that maybe our friend Chris isn't as clean as he was previously in the Resident Evil universe. I hope this somehow leads us back again to Wesker being alive...


A New Revelation for Playstation 4

In the downtown between the release of Not A Hero and The End of Zoe, Playstation 4 has added Resident Evil Revelations to the store, which I first played back on the Nintendo 3DS. Much less annoying than the follow up where Barry's daughter only contributes holding a flashlight and opening chests to her skill set to aide Claire; the first Revelations lets us play mostly as Jill exploring a creepy ghost ship that is overrun by another mutation of the virus.

The long awaited remake of Resident Evil 2, is also coming to modern consoles slated for 2018.

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