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Reincarnation: In The Name Of Evil Walk Through - Reincarnation Mini-Episode 3 Guide, Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Updated on May 10, 2012

The latest episode in the popular free online adventure gaming series, mini-episode 3 of Reincarnation is a a hit among gamers. Read this Reincarnation: In The Name Of Evil strategy guide to find out how exactly to beat this short but sweet adventure game. Check it out at your favorite online game portal.

Reincarnation: In The Name Of Evil Walkthrough

This free game works like a standard adventure games. Players click the surrounding screen and are able to pick up and interact with a variety of objects. In this particular game, it is vital to make sure your demon imp character stays out of site, so much of the puzzle solving involves making sure your actions remain unnoticed.

Step by Step Reincarnation Mini-Episode 3 Guide

  1. There is a note on the mirror to the left. Click on it.
  2. Click on the digital clock on the dresser to change the time.
  3. Click on the picture frame on the table to knock it over. This will cause the man to leave th room.
  4. Unplug the clock and take it.
  5. Click on the doors underneath the sink to take the rubber ducky.
  6. Click on the tub faucet to fill up the bath.
  7. There is a "down" arrow to your right in the vents. Use it to go down a floor.
  8. Here you'll find your target, Naja. Click on the upraised board in the center of the room to distract him. Quickly click on the sheet next to him to remove it, revealing a bomb.
  9. Once again click on the board to distract Naja and remove the batteries from the bomb.
  10. Combine the clock and the batteries.
  11. Place the alarm clock in the mousehole to the far left. Naja will walk over and examine the flooding occurring from above.
  12. Return to the upper level. Place the rubber ducky in the bath. The water damaged floor will collapse.
  13. Return to the first floor. You'll find Naja crushed by the bathtub.

Reincarnation In The Name of Evil First Floor
Reincarnation In The Name of Evil First Floor

That's it! Simple right?

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Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if any mistakes were made in the Reincarnation: In The Name of Evil guide! Your feedback helps everyone!


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