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Remote Control Car with Camera

Updated on July 30, 2014

Remote Control Cars can Send Video Back to the Controller

A remote control car with camera can make a great gift and can be a lot of fun to play with. Not only can these cars provide the traditional options of normal remote controlled vehicles, they also can show the user where they are going. This can make it possible to navigate the vehicle without actually being able to see it, as long as it is in range. The rise in the complexity of smartphones and tablets can make these ideal devices to use in conjunction with your vehicle.

There are a few different choices available today that can quench the thirst of any adrenaline junky. Here is a look at four different options that you have available to you and why or why you should not buy the item.

Wild Planet Spy Video Car

The Wild Planet Spy Video Car is the most expensive remote control car with camera that will be reviewed. It weighs in at 4 pounds and comes with a hand-held controller, headset, and screen. The built in camera sends a live feed of what is going on directly to the flip up screen attached to your headset. It can be viewed up to 75 feet to give you a little room between you and the car. In 2006 it was ranked in top five new toys by NBC News.

The biggest issue with this remote control car is the camera. The video is just not what we have come to expect in a world of HD cell phones. It is not very clear and lacks good contrast. The infrared aspect just seems to make things more blurry instead of doing what it is intended to do. The good thing about this little guy is that it is pretty sturdy.

Weighing in at only four pounds, it is light and agile. In a dead silent room you will hear it as it rolls around on the ground, but any noises in the room covers up the sound completely. The nearly dozen batteries that it takes to operate is a little steep but they seem to last for a good while. This is a great concept for a toy for any age. Even though it claims to have a range of 75 feet, this statistic is grossly overexerted. It is more like 20 feet at the most.

Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

The Spy Gear Video Car VX-6 is another prime example of a remote controlled car with camera. It's price point is lower than the first. This car weighs almost half of the previous example, coming in at 2.4 pounds. It is also quite a bit smaller as well.

You get the RC car and a controller with a video screen in the middle, The video screen shows what the car would see in live color video. It also has a night vision mode that lets you see under the cover of darkness. The controller has a strong signal that can even transmit through walls. It can only be run on carpet for the most part and will not work in many other conditions. It is slow, but the point of this car is not to be able to drive fast, it is to be quite and stealthy.

The predecessor to this car was the Spy Trackr which had many more features that you could play with. On the VX-6, the camera is stationary. The video on the controller does not have very good color and you can not see much of what is going on. The night vision is pretty cool though. There is no way to connect to a computer to gain access to apps or to program it to do different things. This product is build well though, and can take a beating. It is also a lot of fun to play around with, even if there is nothing educational about it.

Spy I-spy RC Tank Car

The Spy I-Spy RC Tank Car weighs a mere six pounds but is very rugged. It offers much better features than the previous two camera cars while still matching the attractive price point of the second. You can operate this vehicle with a few different apple products including the iPad and iPod. there is a mic that transmits sounds to your device. T

The camera can be adjusted manually to change the angle. It can generate its own wireless connection. The range goes up to 200 feet but is more like a hundred feet when going through walls. The tank takes 6 x AA batteries that will let you play for up to an hour and twenty minutes solid. All the features make this the top pick thus far.

This is a very high tech gadget with many bells and whistles for you to play with. It has a great range and pretty good video quality. Compared to the two previous models, it has an amazing screen. It beats them both hands down. It is quick and has good responsiveness. You will be using it for your secret agent missions for a long time to come.

Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car

The Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car is a 1:64 scale remote control car with camera that can be separated and used as an action camera as well. It weighs less than a pound. The price of this remote control car with camera is much lower than the other three but this is quite a bit smaller and lacking a few features.

The camera picks up 30 FPS and can record up to 12 minutes of video. It has a small built in LCD screen so you can watch your playback videos. Included in this package are clips and straps that make it possible to connect to just about anything. Stick it in your bike, helmet, or skateboard instead of using it as a remote control car with camera. There is even software included so you can edit your videos online and share them with the world.

The battery will last for 45 minutes. You will get no audio playback from the device. There is delete button to erase work you are unhappy with, without having to plug it into a computer. One of the best features of this product is that you can remove the remote controlled car from the camera and use it any way you want. This opens up this item to possibilities that the other products can not touch.

All Have Different Strengths

If you plan on buying a remote control car with camera, these options all have different strengths. The Wild Planet is too high priced for the features it brings to the table. The VX-6 is cheaper, but still does not offer the things that are expected on a device like this. The RC Tank Car stands above the previous two models and has a pretty low price point as well. Lastly, The Hot Wheels Video Racer offers the ability to separate the car from the camera to use separately. This takes a toy like that first three that only has one use and brings it a whole new life with all of the things you can do with the camera alone. If you are looking for a spy tool to sneak around, the Spy I-Spy RC Tank Car has the best features of the first three and can beat the Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car in stealth mode. If you are looking something more versatile, the Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car is the one for you.

Spy i-Spy Tank Car


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