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Resident Evil 5 (RE5): Monsters Still Roam

Updated on September 22, 2010

Resident Evil 5 (RE5): Monsters Still Roam

Monsters at large make the common phrase “There is more out there that goes bump in the night than what’s under your bed” come to life. There’s not a place where this is truer than in the latest release of the popular survival game serious, Resident Evil 5: Monsters Still Roam.

Playstation 3

You can quite often measure a game’s rise in the popular ranks when it moves from one medium to another medium. And the producers of the video series have now made a couple of movies from Resident Evil with a number of big stars? In spite of the movie sales, gamers still prefer to stay with what they identify and construct their own fates within the video game series. Resident Evil 5 has been on the rampage for the Xbox 360 but also has a later public release date this year for the Playstation 3.


The story for those who are not familiar is sinister. As you can speculate something disturbing has occurred as the game series begins. In the original Resident Evil, the account takes place in Raccoon City involving the unscrupulous experiments of a corporation referred to as the Umbrella Corporation. The company fashioned a biological called the T-virus. Like most horrific terror stories, the experiments go wide of the mark and all living species are infected in and around the city.

The original group sent in to look for blood-thirsty zombies and mutated animals is STARS, Special Tactics and Rescue Service, Bravo squad. As you can envision, they get engulfed by the zombies and the Alpha team is sent as rescue. The story continues through more than a few Resident Evil games until you reach your destination in the most recent version.

Resident Evil Series

Every Resident Evil version builds on the previous version and takes place days or weeks apart from the end of the last story. In Resident Evil 4, the location of battle shifted from Raccoon City. Now the action takes place in Africa where further damage has been caused by the virus developed by the Umbrella Company.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 game counsel has the high definition characteristic for enhanced 3D graphics and veracity of play. Gamers have been able to play as just one or many characters in prior releases. And once the final boss encounter was bypassed another player would be unlocked and play would begin again. While this new release features over-the-shoulder play as Chris Redfield with the aid of his partner Sheva Alomar.

New to the Resident Evil 5 game is the capacity to manage one or both players which was not available before. Victory in the assignment depends on both players working as one. Also, the game can be played in a multi-player mode and offline for even more exhilaration. When playing online with another, the display splits to see the action from the standpoint of both.

Fans of the first Resident Evil will be head-over-heels excited for this new version with the additional features available by the Xbox 360 and the continuing storyline. The game happens to be rated M for mature due violence and gore.


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