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Resident Evil 6 Reveal Trailer: Chris Redfield & Leon S. Kennedy Return!

Updated on January 22, 2012

Resident Evil 6 (Information may be updated below when new details are verifed)

Resident Evil 6 is set to release this fall on November 20, 2012. In the reveal trailer, it shows both Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy returning as playable characters. At the start, we see Leon pointing a gun at the president, who apparently, has been infected as a zombie!? Leon is with a woman (perhaps a new partner) who is also aiming her gun at the President. Both of them hesitate to shoot the infected President at first, however, a gun shot is heard soon after, implying that one of them shot the infected President and he is now dead.

The trailer shows game play of Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and a new character who is a mercenary. The mercenary is with a woman who bares a striking resemblance to Ashley Graham (the Presidents daughter) from Resident Evil 4.

Apparently, there is a new zombie outbreak threat just as bad as the Raccoon City incident, in a city called "Tall Oaks." 90% of the population in Tall Oaks is infected by zombies and game play shows Leon fighting off large groups of zombies. It appears that Leon can dodge and slide away from zombies and fire his weapon whilst on the ground. If you look closely, it appears as though you may be able to shoot weapons while moving as well. Resident Evil 5 would not allow you to fire weapons when walking, only when standing still. It would be nice if you could fire weapons when walking considering the large number of zombies that will surround you.

Did the trailer get you excited for Resident Evil 6, if so, what part made you excited?

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Resident Evil 6 Nemesis Returns (or a creature similar)

Also shown in the Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer is a large mutated creature that looks similar to Nemesis. Nemesis was the nearly unstoppable relentless creature that was in Resident Evil 3. The creature is seen chasing the mercenary and the woman who is probably Ashley graham. You can hear the woman say "I'm not going to let anything happen to you! The world needs you!" Then the trailer shows the mercenary injecting himself with something?! More than likely, he is infected, and is taking something to prevent him from becoming infected.

While it is hard to speculate at this time, it looks like the Leon S. Kennedy part of the game will have more horror and atmospheric moments than other parts of the game. The Chris Redfield portion of the trailer seems to be filled with more action, as he is seen taking cover from a mutated creature in broad daylight. This enemy has the ability to throw it's arm up above cover and grab Chris.

As for the new mercenary character and the woman in question, that part of the game must be focused on escaping from the new "Nemesis like creature." Resident Evil 6 looks like it will be filled with a lot of crazy zombie action - especially considering there will be 3 different parts of the game where you either play as Leon, Chris, or the other mercenary character.


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    • profile image

      Brian Penny 6 years ago

      idk about you guys...but dosn't that new nemesis look like a morphed version of leon??? wouldn't that be a huge shocker,like when steve turns in re:code veronica!!