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Resident evil 5 lost and desperate nightmare

Updated on January 22, 2012

The game play of resident evil 5

Everyone knows what the game resident evil in-tells surviving non stop horror, with battling zombies and monsters that we're released by someone who is trying to build a new race. This game offers amazing graphics, co-op game play and stunning performances from old and new characters such as Chris, Albert, and Jill who started the franchise on the playstation series has evolved graphically to tell their story in Africa. Sheeva who is introduced as the partner of Chris becomes a new unique character that is not only sassy but gives a stunning performance in this installment. One concept they brought into the game that was previously learned about in resident evil 4 was the uroboros virus which even gave the zombies in the original classic gameplay a run for their money. Being extracted from plants allowed these monsters in this game to be futile. The game offers many add-ons one such as the story of Jill and Chris in the lost nightmares as they venture through Spencers mansion in hopes of finding the cause to the destruction that led the viral outbreak. It offers a additional story line Desperate escape in which you follow Jill and Josh through a series of events in which takes place after Jill is rescued from Albert's command.


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