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Resident evil 6 is on its way!!!

Updated on January 23, 2012

Highly anticipated

Finally it is coming! Another installment of the great franchise with raccoon city operation city about to release and a movie on its way, makes a great 2012 to fans everywhere. For the first time Chris and Leon come together to face the unprecedented horror. It has been about ten years since the incident with Leon and he now then comforts the president about the outbreak in Tall Oaks. Unfortunate to Leon he must now then set out in search of answers with Chris Redfield and another character that has been disclosed and no information is provided.

Playable characters and gameplay

It is seen that Ashley Graham from resident evil 4 will be appearing with a unknown character. Obviously Chris and Leon are in the franchise. Each of the three character seem to have their own distinctive format in which the game takes off. Leon Kennedy is accompanied by a female ally, who seem to be very current to what is happening at Tall Oaks. Chris as you see in the trailer is working in a group of four, you see him arguing with someone else in the trailer, could this be the alternate playable character for his story. Last but not least their is a new character that has little information about, who is accompanied by Ashley Willams. One thing you see is the main character is being revived in which is similar to the style in resident evil 5. A different feel, Chris's vast maneuver to run has a gears of war feel to it. If you played resident evil 5, you know this game is worth a grab.


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