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Retro and Vintage Toy Collections

Updated on June 16, 2013

Antique Block Puzzle

Antique Block Puzzle
Antique Block Puzzle | Source

Antique Toy Collections

There are many reasons why people today decide to begin a retro or antique toy collection. It could just be for the pleasure of owning and obtaining a number of retro toys, which carry fulfillment or memories. Many hobbyists view it as an investment; a lot of people collect for the companionship that develops in meeting new people with related pursuits, the reasons vary greatly from person to person as to the reason behind toy collecting. There are so many vintage collectibles that people are huge fans of these days.

Exactly what ever your purpose in starting up, or increasing your vintage toy collection here are some helpful suggestions:

Gather Antique Toys Which You Love

Where does your fascination lie? Was it that special doll that was such an excellent childhood playmate years ago? Will it be a unique toy train, or action figure that provided you hours of play? Some people are interested in certain classes or materials of toys, for example toys with moving parts, games, marbles, toys with gears, matchbox cars, miniature doll furniture, and so forth.

Start Small In Your Hobby

Begin Small

Both space, time, and money may possibly determine the pace of your vintage toy collection. Relish any time spent scouring and getting those retro toys; that may be one of the primary pleasures of collecting. Meet others with corresponding interests, you might find long term relationships, or another person you could have tours together with, in search of that next toy to increase your collection.

Be watchful for toy collecting events and shows that may be near you.  

What To Consider When Buying A Vintage Toy

Condition of the antique toy - Probably the most valuable antique toys are the ones which are still in their original product packaging, with both the package and the toy in mint condition; which has no rips, spots or water damage, and are clean. 

Toys that happen to be rare to locate. 

Consider also the chronological age of the toy. Make sure to always remember that today’s collectibles with be tomorrow’s antiques; so don’t forget about collecting some of them and allow to age. 

Unbroken series of toys spanning several years’ models in good shape. 

Those old toys that were purchased from a limited edition. 

Any kind of antique handmade toy that is of high quality, as well as unique and finished. 

Where To Purchase Vintage Toys?

Where to Buy Antique Toys 

You will find the obvious places to look: antique stores, property sales as well as garage sales a good place to begin. Start looking however for out-of-the-way places as well: an associate or relative’s attic that may be being cleaned out, auctions like eBay among others. You’ll build a sense of where your best finds are, and take delight in the quest of finding that 'perfect' toy to add to your collection, the hunt itself is exactly what can make it so rewarding as a hobby. You can also subscribe to some classic toy collector sites, forums and webpages for other expert tips on where classic toys may be found.

Take pleasure in this wonderful pastime, as it can be a lifetime experience that you can't predict where it will lead you, or who you will meet on the way. 


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