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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review and Evaluate

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Writer and creator of content through the blogger platform and YouTube, write articles about sports and video games.

Finally, it's time now and more than ever to talk freely about Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, the fourth part of the series of the same name and the 16th in general.

It is rumored that the current part of the series has taken it back to the roots, to glory and to the time when we were jumping with joy when we hear about a new part recently released from this ancient series.

What's amazing at the same time is that the title of this review was developed by two development teams under the dome of Activision.

They are respectively the Infinity Ward team and his assistant Sledgehammer, will this beautiful collaboration will come out to us with a title that has been awaited by many fans of the series for years.

Let's follow up on the review and evaluation of the game, but before that we note that this review is based on the story phase only, let's start.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a war waged by the U.S. Army led by veteran and beloved Captain John Price against a group of enemies between the Russian army and terrorists.

What distinguishes the whole story is that it is properly designed, smooth and serialized events so that it removes the player from the thrill and enters into a beautiful arrangement with its wonderful first perspective.

The beginning is always what matters to the player in any game, in the habit of entering the elementary stages in such a type of game so that you show him how to control and aim and others.

But in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, this was dispensed with and the beginning was straight where the story is clear and it is a battle between good and evil and what a good start with a quick and wonderful introduction to the good people.

The sequence of the story is very enjoyable and introduces us to secondary characters attracted to the player especially the Arab player, there are some war zones in the game that occurred on Arab lands.

We will get to know characters with Arabic names and not only this, but these characters will have an important role and a key role of help of course in the game and its story, for example, the character "Farah and Amir", these characters will help you in an interesting attempt to overcome the Russian army and many other distinguished characters.

Some of the events in the story of the game are very impressive and will touch the heart of the player without a doubt, especially in one of the tasks when we watch women die and young children are exposed to gunshots and screams from here and there and the hardest of all is that your actions will have a big impact on the course of the story.

Some things will be directly responsible for them, such as the death of hostages as a result of a mistake or a decision I made at the wrong time and everything we have mentioned will be influential within the game.

The story of call of Duty Modern Warfare once again shows us the suffering of the war and its darkness and make us live with it and sometimes you will link it as a player with the real events that took place and happened in some countries, and honestly I did not see a deep story of the series deeper than this game until in 2001 when the part was released for the first of the series, this current generation is the best since then.

Well, despite the depth of the story, it did not provide the literal meaning required for war, because the whole game is about the U.S. military specifications and the way it confronts and resists enemies and terrorists.

But sometimes the game will introduce us to enemies and heads of terrorist operations as well as the so-called "butcher" and of course I will not talk about it anymore so as not to burn the story of the game.

The gameplay is distinctive, easy, fun and wonderful in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, its style blends action and horror at times, and the control method is very easy and not tiring at all, unlike other parts.

As for the angle of the camera happened and there is nothing wrong, the developers of the game have mastered the development of this element of the style of play and as if they hear the words of the player in his criticism of this matter.

The diversity of the playing environment is a special element in the game and amazed me very much, and the reason is that you challenge yourself the first time inside a building fighting enemies on one of the floors.

And then you go to the street to exchange fire with enemies, and sometimes you find yourself in the woods and the wilderness on a reconnaissance mission, for example, or disguised to eliminate a terrorist group in a very special and elaborate mass ambush.

The game has been diversified in areas between Arab and European such as the city of London, and the succession of night and day in tasks is essential in every game correction of course, also sunset and sunrise form a distinctive feature in the tasks of the game and the team took the right way so that they showed their beautiful touches in this particular element.

In short, the game showed us the hidden, secret and military-style in the performance of special tasks and made us live the role, not to mention of course its introduction to the meaning of the "darkness of war" in which it was very clear.

As for graphics, no little negative comment on the graphics of the game at all, the game showed us graphics that exceeded expectations especially the forms of fire, characters, weapons, diversity in terrain, forms of construction.

And other factors under this section that have already shown us that what is coming is greater for this beautiful game.

From the beginning music to the end of the game, the sounds are all put in place and the right tasks.

The music of the game played a big role in adding fun or sadness in the tasks of the game and made me influenced every moment I lived in the story of the game, so I added the list of music of the game to my collection.


  • A beautiful story that brings the game back to the classics of the series that we used to have.
  • A distinctive style of play, elaborate and easy especially for the new ones in the game.
  • Great artificial intelligence and the difference between the game's difficulty levels.
  • The most beautiful drawings and no sweetest are the most beautiful in the call of Duty series in general.
  • The music of the game is positioned and focused on the tasks of the game, each in the right place and the distinctive effect.
  • There is no sharp drop in tires that the series is famous for in previously released parts.


  • Simple technical errors.
  • Limited diversity of weapons.
  • A short story of only 6 hours.

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© 2019 Jaber Khater


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