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Review and Evaluate - Death Stranding

Updated on November 1, 2019
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Content writer and graphic designer, I work in the field of freelance across many platforms on the Internet.

Death Stranding is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games ever, and everyone was excited about what Hideo Kojima, whom many describe as legendary, will offer us. Just one week away from when it was launched, and from now on it offers a unique and unique gaming experience, but it's not for everyone.

I wasn't enthusiastic about the Death Stranding experience, but from the beginning, I wanted to say that I enjoyed it during my experience, which lasted more than 50 hours.

Yes, the game is long and offers a lot of different tasks, but if you focus only on the main tasks, you'll be able to finish them shorter.

Before entering the topic, to ensure that we have developed a proper evaluation we have tried and finished the game and then discussed it and agreed on the evaluation and the points mentioned below the review.

Soon, strange explosions rocked the planet and triggered several supernatural events known as death delinquency (Death Stranding).

Now there are creatures from the other world called Brazkh (or BTs as they are described) roaming the earth and killing everyone who comes their way.

Sam Porter Bridges must travel through the devastated lands and save humanity from imminent annihilation. To save this humanity, the hero of the game must unite America by connecting all its areas to the "Kirillia" network that Bridges founded, so during your arduous journey you will go to many different areas and meet a lot of computer characters (NPCs) with which you can strengthen your relationships To get special tools from them, the more you have your relationship with them, the more things they've done for you.

For example, at the beginning of the game, you will be able to deliver a shipment to a person, a human being who is an expert in the repertoire of weapons.

When you do the first missions for him, he'll provide you with a weapon that will benefit you against looters who usually steal your shipment and are not interested in killing you, if you strengthen your relationship with this person by making connections to him or recovering his lost shipments, you will get an upgrade to the current weapon or you will get a whole new weapon. I'm not going to do that.

There are a lot of characters who give you cosmetic elements or elements that are of great benefit to you while playing.

That is, if you develop your relationships or "connect" with cities and personalities, Sam will have many different benefits, and if you go too far to a place where the Kirillian network has not yet reached, Sam will lose all of these benefits.

Is the game full of excitement? This is what many wondered about, especially after Kojima's boring performances at the beginning of the year.

The answer is that there's excitement, but not always. Death Stranding is delivery of shipments as many joked when they said "The game is a pizza delivery", but to be honest, pizza delivery is fun if it's really like the game.

Death delinquency is a circle of events, each of which deals with a specific topic, but all of these topics are presented in a narrative form related to each other.

The only thing that won't change is the subject of delivering shipments, from the beginning of the game to the end and you will deliver different shipments, some of which may be prone to break or some of which may be damaged by the time rains that increase the life of everything you touch directly.

In other words, you'll spend a lot of time wandering yourself among the arid mountains, snow, and rivers on foot or using vehicles when you're a little ahead of the game, but even if you get a vehicle, walking will still be something you'll do a lot of work.

Sometimes you might get bored doing this thing, and even my brother, when he saw me play it, said, "What is this game that every time I see you playing it, you're walking somewhere?" When boredom comes, the game starts one of its great songs that fit the world so much, and you end up relaxing as you explore the world with its amazing graphics with great music or songs.

Sam will constantly use his inventory while in the game world to equip himself with the necessary equipment and elements, Sam also has the equipment to help him progress in rough terrains such as extendable stairs, climbing equipment and the machinery of various buildings such as bridges or rain shelters.

The hero of the game can also get different devices that may help him carry more cargo or a device that accelerates movement or a device that helps him with snow areas, so often you will change your equipment depending on your destination, and do not forget that you will have to balance your shipment well so that your balance does not disturb, but do not worry because Cover on a triangle and the shipment will be arranged automatically.

As you mentioned earlier, the time rainfall will affect your shipments and vehicles, which may damage them if you are exposed to these rains and also when you fall or hit your shipment somewhere your shipment will be damaged, resulting in a decrease in the number of likes that you will get by the characters, and the more likes you will be raised and you will get On new skills or your skills will be upgraded.

Some of you may wonder why the game has a team of celebrities like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Margaret Cowley, and Troy Baker, because Kojima is a big movie lover and that's why Death Stranding has so many movie clips, when I say a lot, I really mean a lot, the game is from It can also be a cinematic experience because of the staff and the cinematography, some of which span more than fifteen minutes.

So if you're not a fans of the movie, and if you're not a walking guy, you won't enjoy it, as I said at the beginning of the review, this game isn't for everyone, but if you don't mind, we'll guarantee that you'll have a cinematic experience in terms of production and quality.

The group style is really special and added great fun to the experience, players can put buildings or equipment in specific places.

For example, there is a mountain to climb, you may see some players who have put up signs showing you the best path and there are players who may put ladders or climb ropes to make it easier to work on you and not waste additional resources.

Other than this, players can put on many different things, such as generators (which can sometimes save you when your battery is about to run out) as well as sometimes cheerleading signs, as well as to express your thanks to the players you can admire their banners or the things they put on which will increase their level and open up They have new abilities and skills as mentioned above, and when you also contribute to road building and anything like that, you will also get admired.

This was fun and when you see that you've got so many likes you'll be happy to have helped other players and softened them while they were being transported for a tough shipment. The time rain as we said earlier will affect and destroy what was built by the players so when a player builds something, it won't last forever.

For the combat system, there are two types of enemies: humans and isthmus creatures. Humans have camps in different places on the map, some are interested in your loot, and some are interested in killing you too. You can duel them with firearms, bombs or restraint weapons, or simply fight them with your cargo or with your hands. The isthmus or supernatural beings sent from death have special weapons and you can fight them with bloody weapons that consume your blood.

To be honest, during my experience of the difficult game that is recommended, I never felt difficult and fighting humans was very easy and using one of the structures you can escape from them quickly.

When Sam encounters Beached things (BTS), his suit system connected to the little boy will alert him to nearby threats, in many cases, Sam can avoid them by maneuvering slowly around them. Beached things appear in the form of floating black ghosts looming connected by their connections to the world of the dead.

Getting too close will alert them to your presence and when that happens there will be footprints in the ground running behind Sam, if he can't escape, he'll be dragged into the world of the dead. Sam can also fight them with bloody weapons, fighting them is not too difficult, but it needs more time and precision, but frankly fighting the isthmus or avoiding them will make you nervous or afraid.

Fighting bosses compared to the rest of the games is easy but it takes a lot of time and the mechanism of fighting the leaders is the same no matter how different the leader, you will always hit him using bombs or weapons in general and then you will run from place to place to avoid strikes and will repeat the process. If your stock runs out, you can find items left by some other players to help you fight or from beached things to help you with what you need.

The graphics of the game and animations there is no need to talk about because it is really amazing, some places in the world I felt like it was repeated until it reached the end of the game and explored the whole world but it is not annoying and after a long time as you work as a carrier will save the roads and this will increase this Fun, I think.

Several things have been annoying in the way Death Stranding plays, for example, driving vehicles and trucks, especially in rough terrain, is very stressful because of the lack of response of the fast track and sometimes the truck behaves contrary to what you are pushing with the control hand. In the safe room or break room that we've seen with the gameplay, the gameplay is similar to telltale games where you click on what you want to do and then there's going to be a short movie clip.

Well, in the early hours it may be fun to watch them, but then you'll end up pressing the settings button and then you'll choose the word "skip" frequently. I wish there was an option to automatically skip or be free to move.

If you get to the end of the game, there will be a list of credits twice and both won't be able to get past them. For me, I saw the first time, but the second time, all the names were repeated and lasted for more than six minutes. The game also lacks the photo-taking phase that I wished it had been available because of the possibility of taking very beautiful pictures.

In the end, we can say that Death Stranding or Death Delinquency will provide a unique and different experience from what we have been accustomed to in the gaming industry in recent times. Many may not like, especially those who don't like extra, long, or constantly looking for excitement, and players waiting for a very similar experience to the Metal Gear series may not get what they wish for.

But in the middle of the game metal gear breezes will start to appear, I will not burn anything on you and I will wait for your impressions of the game.


  • Both the artistic style, the graphics, the animations were great.
  • Unique game and a great change from traditional games
  • Music that fits all aspects of the game amazingly and increases the pleasure of exploring
  • Each character has its qualities and some actors have succeeded in dazzlingly presenting the character.
  • The existing collective style is intelligent and very suited to the world of the game and its story
  • The game is almost completely free of technical errors.


  • The narrative can be slow sometimes, but it usually gets your enthusiasm back in the end.
  • Fighting leaders is unsatisfactory.
  • Driving unresponsive enough and cumbersome in mountainous and rugged places

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