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Review and Evaluate - Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Updated on April 21, 2022

We are receiving again another title from Ubisoft, this time the title is not any title because it follows the famous Tom Clancy's series of games that have a tactical and strategic style, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the focus of this review that we will talk about.

Since the launch of the beta of the ghost recon breakpoint game, which resulted in the experience of millions of her players split between a fan of the game and its hater, let's not forget that the game follows the previous part Ghost Recon Wildlands so ghost recon breakpoint must provide a deep story of the part Previously, did you succeed in doing so, follow us to review and evaluate the game to find out the answer.

Let me tell you before going into the course of the review of this game, who was expecting a deep and huge experience of Ghost Recon Breakpoint I would like to note with all the feelings of sorrow that you will be very disappointed just as I felt.

I remember when I saw the first thrill show of the game we were very excited to experience the game and even after our experience of beta for the game, which was very bad, I had a glimmer of hope to see a beautiful final product free of beta defects, but the beta was a small bad part of the disadvantages of the final product.

The story of the game without any (burning) is to try to regain control of aurora island, whose contact signal disappeared, before a coup d'état in which the island was quiet and enjoyed a stable life full of modern technology used to serve humans such as robots and others.

Of course, after things get worse, a specialized team of "ghosts" is sent to investigate, and suddenly you're in your enemy, who is also a rogue "ghost" who has turned around and become bad.

At the beginning of the early hours of the game, you will be surprised for a moment by the graphics of the game and will certainly be excited about its story, especially with the first task, which will be spent searching for survivors of your team after they fall from the plane.

But after further progress in the story, you will regret all the deep regret for wasting your time playing this game which was supposed to be much better than the previous part Wild Lands but quite the opposite of the previous was and is still much better than the current part Breakpoint..!

The style of play of the game Breakpoint of the worst styles of the titles issued this year, Do not know where to start, do you swipe the camera and the way it moves so that annoy the player or criticized the presence of the character in the middle of the screen completely and so close that confuse the player during clashes with the enemy Or criticized the way of fighting, shooting and dozens of other very bad problems.

As an AAA game, I find it very sad to see so many flaws and problems, especially since the game is developed by Ubisoft Studios, which usually starts designing worlds in games that are very similar to worlds on the ground.

Some of the pros that existed in breakpoint are the design of Aurora Island, for example, we find different terrain in the game and also the diversity in the solar and rainy atmospheres with a clear and explicit intervention of the drawings that improved from the previous part Wild Lands, but what remains is a disaster in every sense of the word.

The player will notice a big repetition in the main tasks, but what I found fun is the last task where you will be able to eliminate the head of the gang fugitive ghost "John Bernthal" and there and in that particular task will feel you the game in the literal sense of wars and how you can stand as a single military soldier surrounded by all the dangers and For possible traps that will kill you.

Unfortunately, the story of the game varies between 10 and 12 hours only and can be finished in a maximum of 7 hours just as happened to me this time can judge the game and review it in the presence of these problems that we mentioned in the story.

Below we will address the phases of team play, and of course, I forgot to mention that the game needs a permanent connection to the Internet, as usual, most games and titles of the company, and this problem itself is a major negative point.

In online mode, of course, you can play story mode next to friends by sending invitations and I have always had a lot of problems playing only one task with any friend.

One time I tried to play a job with a friend, I broke down and disappeared, I had autosaved, and I had to cancel the invitation to return my progress in the game.

Ghost War mode is a situation that allows you to play 4vs4 very bad and it is difficult to find players, and if you happen and find someone to play this mode you will die very quickly due to your inability to identify any enemy, not through the property of identifying enemies and not even through your drone, In short, the online mode of the game has not been properly mastered.

We are now heading for graphics, falling tires and clear and explicit cuts in the picture, and many mistakes, including a strong focus on the main character without them, but sophisticated for example the forms of fire and reflection of light represented well in the graphics of the game.

Voices, finally we can say here that the main character in tom clancy's game of Ubisoft is talking and hearing her voice, but unfortunately, this happened in a bad game like Breakpoint, and yet the movement of lips never fits with the speech coming out of the person's mouth. But as a review of the game, the best section in it, despite the flaws, will be the voting section.


  • The beautiful and varied terrain in the game.
  • Some of the events of the story may be somewhat merged with it.


  • A very short story.
  • Many technical errors.
  • A sharp drop in the game's tires frequently.
  • A bad style of play and a far cry from the high professionalism in the company's games in general and tom clancy's series in particular.
  • The images are cut and sometimes the drawings are modest and look as if they belonged to the previous generation.
  • Tom Clancy's main character finally spoke, but the movement of the character's lips does not match the speech coming out of her mouth.

Cast your vote for Users' assessment of the game:

© 2019 Jaber Khater


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