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Review and Evaluate - WWE 2K20

Updated on October 26, 2019

A new part of the freestyle wrestling series joins the list of games released this year, WWE 2K20 is the seventh part of the series under the 2K dome and also happens to be the publisher of the series of the same name, the annual games form me a great node for the secretariat for multiple reasons I will mention to you below.

The first reason is the limited time to adjust and add the necessary features required on the new part, less than a year is the period in which the development team is forced to add the pros if any or even negatives, and these will certainly exist.

Let's continue to review and evaluate WWE 2K20, the new annual part of the series, to see if it's full of sudden positives or annoying negatives.

The first thing we're going to start within this review is the usual and familiar phase in wrestling chains, my career, which is the story of sports, let me speak with absolute seriousness.

Phase is an unspeakably absolute disaster and even worse than the previous versions of the game, instead of improving the quality we find that the quality of this phase has decreased dreadfully, for example your main character does not appear on the screen unlike the previous parts!.

I'm not going to talk, of course, about the amount of terrible technical mistakes, or the shape of a wrestler or a fighter who's completely far from his form in fact, where's the macho muscles of some players, where's the sweating and fatigue that appears on the wrestler during the game, why he moves like a robot to me and where his real-life movement went. T was in the parts of the previous game!

We move on to the style of play, maybe this is the only section in this review that balances the negatives and the pros, but when I want, for example, to run through my gladiator, something goes wrong and suddenly I can't stop running.

Or, for example, when I want to represent a particular movement, either we see it being implemented automatically and at the wrong time, or it goes to waste with the ability of artificial intelligence (stupid) to block it.

A new phase added in WWE 2K20, a women's phase that shows us a famous disagreement between 4 wrestlers, the origin at this stage is to put us in the middle of this conflict and disagreement and make us live with it and see details that you could not watch on television.

But what happened at the time was that the fights between the fights were normal and there was little excitement.

As for the movie scenes, it happened and there is nothing wrong as I watch anime movies driven by someone, not realistic no fun and not even no lighting and nothing positive for honesty.

The current part is the worst part of freestyle wrestling in almost ten years, but of course in every part of this game we see a dramatic and varied increase in the number of wrestlers and wrestlers, and also offset by an increase in the number of combat circuits and special events, which of course is a beautiful positive. Especially since the fighters of the beautiful time are always present, such as The Rock, The Snake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and other golden generation wrestlers.

Another positive is mastering the entry of each character in the game and I mean the word mastering is the music of the wrestler and the interactive movements that he performs with the audience from his entry until his arrival in the ring, as well as the knockouts of each wrestler all well convinced.

Don't forget to praise the development team that has introduced the ability to restore certain forms to some gladiator, such as the wrestler Triple H currently with short hair, you can open up its shape with long hair (its old form).

WWE 2K20 graphics disappointed me a lot, nothing realistic at all and some of the characters in the game have nothing to do with the characters themselves on the ground.

With this part, the details of the wrestlers' twisted muscles went on and became like normal handwritten muscles, and other details, unfortunately, went and did not return.

The voices, as usual, show the voice of the commentators and the newly a female hanging voice and some of the cheers of the masses and the sounds of the arena and the fall of bodies on them and other like the sounds of gladiators and chairs for example completely disappeared and even not even exist in this part, which of course I am very sad that the flaws of the game reach this terrible extent.


  • An increase in the number of wrestlers and wrestlers from the previous parts of the series.
  • A good mastery of the way the wrestler enters and interacts with the audience, as well as the movements of the judges, all of which are somewhat satisfactory.
  • The voices of the commentators and their distinctive statements were excellently present in the game.


  • My Career is very bad.
  • Wholesale errors and annoying technical flaws.
  • Very modest and less than expected graphics.
  • A very bad style of play compared to the previous series.

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© 2019 Jaber Khater


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