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Review of Miragine War

Updated on February 25, 2011

Miragine War

Miragine War is an online game. It can be found on many of the popular gaming websites. Here is a review of Miragine War, as well as some helpful tips to beat the game on all difficulties.

The goal of Miragine War

The goal or objective of Miragine War is to destroy your enemy's crystal before they destroy your crystal. There is a battlefield that separates the crystals. In Miragine War, there is a time limit of 30 seconds, and after 30 seconds is up, you are able to send more units to go out onto the battle field to clash with the enemy's units, and get one step closer to the crystal so you can destroy it. If you destroy the enemy's crystal then you win the game, but if the enemy's unit destroys your crystal first, then you lose the game. 

The units in Miragine War

You have 16 units to choose from. Each unit in Miragine War costs a certain amount of money, and at the end of the 30 second countdown, you earn more money so you can send out more units. You can send out ninjas, samurais, dread lords, high lords, newbies, mages, monks, zombies, vampires, veterans, swords man, heavy swords man, mages, novices, iron knights, and immortals. Units are categorized as light or armored, and some units are stronger than others. 

Tips on beating Miragine War

There are four levels of difficulty that you can choose to play. There is easy, normal, hard and abyss. Abyss is very hard to beat, and the first two difficulties are relatively easy to beat. If you play the Abyss or Hard mode, then do not select any units to be sent out until you have reached around 800 in money. You can do this by selecting a unit that you cannot afford and just wait until you have 800. Once you have 800, you should either send out a dread lord or a few immortals. While you are waiting until you get your money up to 800, don't worry about enemies destroying your crystal because the crystal shoots out fire, and will destroy the enemy quickly, because the first few units that the enemy sends out will most likely be newbies or some other unit that can be destroyed quickly by your crystal. 

Thoughts about Miragine War

Miragine War is very fun to play. Miragine War is very challenging, especially on the Abyss setting. The controls are very easy to use, and all you pretty much use is the mouse pad and the right mouse button to select which unit you want to send out onto the battlefield. Miragine War is worth checking out and playing for a little while.


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