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Product Review: The Step2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Updated on June 6, 2013

When I purchase a toy for my grandchild, I often try to find one that is educational as well as fun and easy to use. It also helps if the toy will grow with them, or at least keep their interest for more than a month or two. The Step2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters and Numbers fits the bill.

For my granddaughters 2nd birthday, I purchased the Step2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters and Numbers from Amazon and I am very pleased. The easel frame is made out of sturdy plastic and is very easy to set up. You just unfold it and attach the tray. It couldn’t be easier. It is also very easy to fold up flat for storage.

Product Review

The frame is a nice red color, and one side of the easel has a green chalk board and the other side has a white board. Both boards have a nice size clip on the top to hold paper for drawing or painting. The easel is about 2 feet wide and almost 4 feet in height making it the perfect size for the young ones.

The middle storage area is yellow in color and attaches easily to both sides of the frame. Each end has a 1 inch deep tray to hold chalk, markers, crayons, paint brushes, etc., is easily accessible from both sides and can hold additional art supplies in the middle. By keeping chalk and an eraser on the side with the chalk board, and white board markers and eraser on the white board side, we taught my granddaughter how to associate each side of the easel with its appropriate art supply.

The magnetic letters and numbers come in sheets of four different colors (red, blue, yellow and green), are made out of foam and stick to the white board side. Having color choices is nice when I want my granddaughter to find a particular letter or number. Because the letters and numbers are made out of foam, you do have to be careful when you break them apart to prevent them from tearing. None of ours tore, but we erred on the side of caution and took our time when breaking them apart. The numbers and letters range from 1 – 1 ½ inches in size so they would not be good for a child that tends to put things in their mouth. The product advertisement does issue a warning that the easel contains small parts and is not recommended for children under the age of three.

The easel did not come with any paper, chalk, white board markers or erasers so those items must be purchased separately. I purchased chalk, white board markers and erasers for now, and as my granddaughter gets older, I will buy her paper, additional drawing tools and paint.

Because my granddaughter is only two years old, her attention span is not the longest, so having the choice to color with chalk, white board markers, or to play with numbers and letters is like getting three toys in one! She also loves “cleaning up” her easel with the erasers too. The Step2 Easel for Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters and Numbers is a great product that will certainly grow with your child. I highly recommend this product for anyone considering an easel for their budding artist.


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