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Rigasumi's Biosphere World Generator Minecraft Mod

Updated on April 27, 2011

Are you tired of typical Minecraft worlds that look just like planet earth? Wish you could play in a series of interconnected biospheres, much like ant farm? Well Rigasumi, modder extraordinaire has made all your Minecraft dreams come true with the Biosphere World Generator Mod. In this Minecraft mod, the usual Minecraft world is replaced with glass encased biospheres connected to one another by wooden bridges. Epic is a word that comes to mind, and unlike most things described as epic these days, this mod truly is worthy of the moniker.

I play tested this mod in order to check that it was truly as awesome as it was made out to be and believe me, it is. Installation was also pleasantly hassle free. Just download the mod, extract it, and toss the class files into the minecraft.jar. Then start Minecraft up, generate a new world and you should find yourself standing under an impressive glass dome.

Each dome is limited to one biome, which make sense, and you can travel between them fairly easily along the wooden bridges. Small 'satellite' spheres can be seen floating around near the main biospheres, and these satellites contain precious minerals and ores, like the diamond that can be seen glinting so preciously in the distance of the screenshot.

What's so truly impressive about this mod is the way it takes the traditional Minecraft paradigm of an endless world of mountains and hills and creates a whole new experience for the player. Looking over the edge (if you break the fences) is a daunting affair, there's nothing but deep blue down there. What happens if you fall into the void? Well you get a pretty super view of the spheres above you disappearing into the distance and then you appear to catch on fire or something similar and you're respawned at your original spawn point.

Not every biome is a success. Take this lush forest biome for instance. It would have been all well and good apart from the lava lake spawned right in the middle of it, which started a forest fire almost immediately and destroyed the precious wood that grew there.

Ironically, my first instinct was to build grass plains between some of the biomes, creating pastures in the sky on which to farm and live. After all, who really wants to be separated from the endless void by glass?

This is the most amazing Minecraft mod since biome terrain mod, and I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try. If you regret it, you have a very low regret threshold. (Though it goes without saying that you should back up your saves before installing this if you care about them at all.)

Download Rigasumi's Biosphere World Generator Minecraft Mod


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