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Rise of Nations Computer Game

Updated on May 29, 2009

A newer game that has came out a few years back is Rise of Nations. This game while being similar to some of the games that we do love for strategy has a very simple game play. Now granted since this is newer released game I would have expected maybe a little bit more in the way of graphics, but the graphics were still very plain. However, the game did have many positives that you might not notice right away, but are really good for the game play.

Now some of the positives that I have noticed about playing this game are that it works on my current operating platform. Which I have noticed that not many of my older games will play on my operating system even though they say on the package that they will. So that is a big plus that I have about this game.

Now another positive about this game is it is similar to some of the other games that I have played. Granted in this game you have eighteen civilizations that you are able to control and guide thru history. The advancements in ages will give you so many new technologies that you will be amazed. You will even be able to reach the level of getting missile shields and other advanced weaponry. Some of the weaponry that you are able to obtain is in the world today, while some of it is fictionally produced.

Each culture that is available will also give you a variety of options for technological advances. Now I know from playing the game that the faster you advance in time the better off you will be, so that is a very easy strategy to use. However, at the same time you are trying to advance you do have to remember the computer opponent. I know that the game will change with the level increases or decreases. So you do want to keep track of what level you have it on because the difficulty is a lot harder with each increase.

The available playing maps are very realistic to the actual maps that you have now. If you want to play in Europe

you will be able to find a map that is similar to Europe. So that will allow you to determine what type of civilization you want to control and how fast you want to build up your civilization based on the actual resources that are available in that map area.

So if you want a low cost strategy game this is a good choice. Now granted the graphics will not be up to the highest quality that you have now on the more modern games, but they are good enough for a basic strategy game. Overall this game is well worth the cost that you have to pay for the hours of fun that you will be able to have.


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