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River Gen Tool, How To Make Flowing Minecraft Rivers

Updated on April 19, 2011

One landscape element glaringly missing from Minecraft are rivers. Think about it. Water flows hither and thither, and there are lakes and puddles every which way you look, but there aren't any rivers, rivers that flow as strongly and proudly as the Nile. Where are the rivers? They're waiting for you to make them a reality, that's where they are.

River Gen is a tool that creates real rivers that flow through Minecraft terrain. This is a tool that paves the way for riverside towns and canal systems that actually work – not to mention dams. We shouldn't forget dams. Note that this is not a mod, it is a standalone tool that edits your world files and it could destroy them completely. Only attempt to use it on worlds you have either backed up or don't much care about.

I found that the downloading and running process was very smooth and simple. To add awesome to excellent, the actual river generating process took all of a minute on my new world save file and before I knew what was happening, I was looking at this gorgeous wonder.

Massive waterfalls are an impressive addition to the world in addition to the rivers themselves. If you have some jaw dropping cliffs, prepare to be wowed. And then to build secret hideouts behind the waterfalls. These are the rivers we have been waiting for, my friends, and they are even better than we dreamed of them being.

When generating rivers, it's possible to tweak the nature of rivers under 'advanced settings'. These advanced settings allow you to set the width of the river, the depth of the river and several other settings, including the likelihood that gold ore will be found!

Now of course, this isn't all sunshine and lolipops, as an experimental tool, there are some problems. The first of these is the fact that it has the power to ruin saves, but there's also the fact that the rivers themselves aren't exactly what one might call perfect. They don't necessarily run downhill all the way the way real rivers do, they have no problem running uphill and then downhill in one breath. That is to say, the river will flow into itself from both directions, that is to say, these rivers make very little sense.

On the plus side once again, you can ride boats right up the waterfalls, which is more fun than I can begin to describe, especially when you go hurtling off the other side.

Still, Minecraft is a game where blocks can be suspended in mid air without any ill-effect, so it's difficult to say that these rivers are very much out of keeping with the game. If I were you (and I'm not) I'd definitely download this tool and play with it, I have and my life has never been more rewarding.

Download River Generator Tool


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