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Ragnarok Violet Boss Fight WalkThrough

Updated on August 25, 2011

Ragnarok Violet Boss Fight WalkThrough

Since I have finished the First Round of the Game, I think it is time for a conclusion, and in my point of view the boss fight is one unique element of the Game, so I will write a summary for the whole Boss fight of the game.

1.Tao Guanka
From the picture we can see that the three faces flying around him is the major attack method of him.
So all we need to do is keep the distance with him, and wait for the time when he stops and we approach him and attack him.
This is the First Boss so it is quite easy, just several round we can defeat him.

Vesper totally have two attacking methods, one is to send out missiles to where you stand, so we need to run all around when he attacks, the amount of missiles are from 2-5.

The second way he attacks is by attacking all around, but this one will only come when his HP is below 40%.

So just be patient and careful, take your time and we can go through Vesper,
This boss is quite annoying since we need to avoid almost all the attacks from him. He has two methods, he would leave the plate and send a straight fire to us, or he will stay on the plate and send fire both sides of himself. So we can only attack him at the moment he transfer from these two attack modes, which means when he moves.

Imad is quite annoying since he will move all around, but luckily he has only two attack methods, one is to shoot bets from 8 directions, we just need to dodge it. Another one is send a fire wall from his side, when he come near us, we just need to take space with him.

frankly Valkyrie is easier than the other ones, since he has only one attack method, it is some laser pillar which will chase after you.
The only thing we need to do is to keep the distance between Valkyrie, and attacks her between the two attacks she made.

6.Dark Lord
The fight with Dark Lord is a little bit complicated, since the Boss have several different attack methods and will use them together.
The first one is a fire ring which will attack the surround area, and as I was only lv57, it can easily beat me down.The second one is a laser beam, the Dark Lord will use it when ever he leaves the platform, and we should not stand in front of him,The third one is a fire attack under your feet, to avoid this one, we need to run away from the circle on the ground.And we can only attack the Dark Lord when he is preparing the attack, and when we did all the things above, the only thing we need is just patient.
And this is the end of the first round of the Game.


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