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Nature Rocks! Take a Rock Hunting Adventure.

Updated on April 2, 2016

I think I see an arrowhead...

rock hunting on a creek..
rock hunting on a creek..

Rock Hunting anyone?

What is rock hunting?

Rock hunting, as it is know to local folk is a fascinating outdoor pastime of many. Now, this is not just hunting for rocks, but arrowhead hunting. Arrowheads are ancient indian artifacts - rocks per say that have resurfaced after years of burial in the ground.

Hunting for these arrowheads has quickly become a hobby for many - young and old. Everyone has their favorite spots to look and other rock hunting expedition rituals.

If you love outdoor adventures and finding natures hidden treasures, you should consider going rock hunting. Take a moment to breathe in the fresh air & let nature guide the way. Now go get out there!

Where to start looking for arrowheads...

There isnt any magic spot to walk up to and dig. You're going to have to test areas until you find some rocks.

Research the area you are looking to hunt around. Pay attention to where indian tribes were most commonplace, especially around creeks and streams.

It also seems easier to look after a rain storm - where dirt and other debris have begun to shift and move down the sides of embankments and along the water.

What you will need to bring on your rock hunt

Be familiar with the area you are rock hunting on. Bring a map if need be... and a couple friends. Make sure you have permission to be on the land you intend to hunt.

Dress accordingly. And plan on getting dirty. Good footwear and layers. Gloves often get in the way of the fun so if it's chilly rotate hands, keep warm!

That's it really, just be patient and enjoy yourself.

If you're rock hunting at night, the proper lighting id essential. Invest in a good flashlight, bring a spare (or two), and good quality batteries. Lithium batteries work well in this situation - they last a lot longer.

Look closely...

Ready to hunt for arrow heads?

There's no real secret behind it - you must have patience, get out there, and look! Scan an area until something shiny catches your eye, or get down close the ground and examine things closely. Everyone has their own technique.

Have fun exploring for ancient indian artifacts - rock hunting is a fun hobby anyone can enjoy.


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