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Rocket Toilet, Free Rocket Physics Game

Updated on December 31, 2010

There have been a myriad of trajectory based games created over the years. I'd name them all but my brain would probably short out at the attempt. I've reviewed several free online types of this game in recent history, including, but not limited to Destructotruck and Blast Off Bunnies, which are both fairly solid additions to the 'shoot things at a certain trajectory and hope that everything works out' genre. Rocket Toilet is probably better than both of them however, for reasons which I will now impart.

What I can say about Rocket Toilet is that in spite of the puerile humor the entire game is based on, it's actually a very well executed trajectory based game. I played it quite extensively without beginning to hate my life, which so very commonly happens when one spends any amount of time playing free online games.

The game is simple enough to work out how to play, a half crazed lab rat would probably be able to work out how to play it in exchange for a happy pill and being left along for five minutes. Simply wait until the pressure meter reads max and choose a trajectory that suits your purposes and lift off.

What I especially like about Rocket Toilet is the fact that it makes me feel as if I am good at it almost right away. Upgrades come pretty thick and fast and before long one is flying through the stratosphere astride one's porcelain mount without a care in the world. This makes a pleasant change from games which appear to have been designed with only one aim in mind: eroding the player's self esteem until they simply give up on life and take up lint collecting.

I also enjoy the way that you don't just sit back and twiddle your thumbs whilst your avatar is hurtling through the ether, no, you are actively involved in prolonging his plumbing journey as much as possible.

Having said that the game is easy, I will not belabor you with instructions or hints, save for these two:

  • The greatest trajectory is not always the best trajectory.
  • Clicking on the toilet whilst it is in flight may make it flush. This is a good thing.

Graphically the game has a certain cartoonish charm that I must admit rather puts me in mind of Futurama, though that is most likely due to the fact that the bold protagonist of this game happens to have but one eye located in the general region of the middle of his forehead.

If you are ready to dedicate a few minutes to the study of astro-toiletry, go forth and flush where no man has ever flushed before.

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