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Romecraft Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on February 2, 2011

Barbarians enjoy their primitive cobblestone castles, but more advanced civilizations know that what one really needs to build a city, nay a world worth mentioning are aqueducts and columns, coliseums and great works of art. Romancraft, a texture pack that fits neatly over the default texture pack with its 16 x 16 textures, saving you the trouble of loading up four different patchers and mod tools, works on install and it transforms your barbaric wild lands into places you can be proud of.

This is one of those texture packs that has the capacity to have a world built around it. It may not immediately appeal if you simply slam it over a world you've already worked on (though who am I to say that it won't) but if you install it and start a new world dedicated to Ancient Roman design then you'll have something really unique on your hands. I really enjoy texture packs that have the capacity to seriously change the face of Minecraft, ModernCraft, for instance, is a very popular texture pack that allows you to make modern worlds full of fluorescent lights and caution tape.

Anyway, back to the glory of Romecraft. True to its word, Romecraft doesn't change too much of the default texture pack. Most of the environmental stuff is the same. The building materials and armor skins however, have seen quite a bit of revamping in the best of ways.

Cloth is perhaps the most versatile of materials in this texture pack. Gray cloth now proudly bears a Roman style geometric pattern, which makes it look great as floor covering and carpet. Pink cloth is now white with a bold red stripe that makes it perfect for walkways in grandiose interiors. Light blue cloth now features a grid pattern that will certainly come in handy for various building effects. The list goes on really, and it's quite an exciting list.

Stone slab floors too, take on a life of their own with inset squares that make one feel as if one is crossing the forum to cast one's vote against a vile dictator. Cobblestone has been modified into a much more Roman small brick style that can be used successfully in walls and roads. Gravel has not been changed, so you should probably have that cast out into the gravel pits as it does not befit your bold civilization.

Texture pack aficionados and Minecraft enthusiasts alike would be well served by adding this texture pack to their collection, it's a genuinely original piece of work that may very well change the way you build your Minecraft worlds.

Download RomeCraft

RomeCraft Dyed Cloth

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