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Router Tables, A Great Woodworking Tool

Updated on September 5, 2009

Bosch Routers


Bosch Wood Working Routers Will Add Accuracy To Your Woodworking Projects

When looking for routers and router bits the name that comes to mind is Bosch wood working routers. The Bosch line presents some of the best power tools in the wood working venue. No matter what model router you choose, if it is a Bosch, you have a premier instrument. The Bosch 1617EVS router kits come with either a fixed base or a plunge routing construction. They both are well engineered and they both have stood the test of factory testing and customer review. Either model of the Bosch 1617EVS will heighten the effectiveness and the productivity of your wood shop more than can be achieved without these powerful routers. Their ease of use and professional design make any wood working project easier and faster with a little practice.

The Bosch wood working router kits have several features that may be beneficial over other routers that you might choose. The Bosch routers have ergonomic handles that allow flexibility and give the user comfort as well as control as they use the router. If you choose the plunge router option, you will find that the plunge locking mechanism is very accurate to the measurement and the router will have very little slipping or other movement. This will provide stability to the cut and will give you that extra edge in finishing a quality product. There is also an added feature of an easy to use depth adjustment that will allow you to groove or edge the wood in a professional manner.

When you buy a Bosch wood working router kit, you will not only get the router but you will also receive a handsome storage case that will allow you to store wrenches and other accessories in it. There are pre-manufactured slots in the case that will allow you to store bits or other extras that make the job that you are tackling easier and faster. The kit even comes with a T-handle hex wrench that allows you to make above the table adjustments when you attach your fixed base to the router table. There is no more adjusting and readjusting, once tightened the base is there to stay. There is also electronic variable speed controls when accuracy is most important. You can go slowly if you are working on detailed work or you can speed it up if you are confident about your cut or edging.

The owner's manual is easy to read and is available in English, Spanish, and French. The manual will teach you how to use the Bosch wood working router kit with the ease of a professional. It is important to read this manual because it offers techniques that are unique to the Bosch router kit and will give you the instructions to do the job the right the way the first time you attempt it.

The Bosch router line is about average priced compared to the big name models. Some come with extra add on accessories that are part of special promotions. You can buy Bosch brand router bits or use any other router bit set that you might like. Either way, when you purchase the Bosch Router line for your router table you will start with an excellent product to build your workshop around.

Router Table

The RM605 Router Table
The RM605 Router Table


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    • Router Maniac profile image

      Ken Schulte 6 years ago

      You do not attach the base to the router table insert. You simply use it as a template to drill your own holes in the plate. The holes that come on the insert are not to be used. They have a directions tab with a video for doing this very thing here.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      The Bosch 1617EVS has a base that can be attached to an insert plate. But of course the insert plate I bought (from RouterTableDepot)does not have holes that line up. How best to make sure the router is centered on the insert when I mark and drill the required holes?

    • profile image

      routertableplans 7 years ago

      nice router table plans info..

    • archturn profile image

      archturn 8 years ago


      Well done once more!!

    • Router Maniac profile image

      Ken Schulte 9 years ago

      Your Welcome, my pleasure

    • profile image

      Routerpup 9 years ago

      Thanks for the article and information on what is clearly a quality product.

    • dniemi14 profile image

      dniemi14 9 years ago

      very interesting article, alot of useful info

    • profile image

      BobLaGatta 9 years ago

      Great product. Wouldn't use any other.