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Rpg Maker VX activation code

Updated on May 16, 2010

This is a mini-guide on how to open this program after your trial period is done. That gives you 30 days of free use before you'll need to select register key on the startup prompt. You can also close it if you're not ready to activate it with a serial yet. First off, download rpg maker vx if you haven't yet. You need the program installed before you can unlock it.

To get your key, you should click "buy now" and be brought to the Protexis site. Or you could also borrow your friend's, but I wouldn't recommend that. There's a timer on how often you can enter the same code. It's unknown how often this is, but it's probably between 3 to 10 activations. You can renew your Rpg Maker VX code by contacting Protexis support and asking nicely. However, they probably keep records of this stuff, so you wouldn't be able to if you used a friend's RMVX serial from around the world.

I personally had to contact Protexis and they fixed mine in a couple days.

Either way - once you have a serial code, here is the process for how to input it into the program:

  1. Click the unlock full version option. This will have a few options into it... you want to first generate an activation code. This is different from your serial. The two will be combined to make your Rpg Maker VX a full version.
  2. Click the get activation code button.
  3. Enter your number code onto the Protexis site if it doesn't work automatically.
  4. If your serial is valid, you'll be given an activate key on the webpage.
  5. Go back to your program and pick the bottom option on the previous menu.
  6. Enter your new code here to activate Rpg Maker VX.
  7. Have fun creating roleplaying games!


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