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How to get Rpg Maker XP free

Updated on May 16, 2010

This is a commonly asked question on the internet, especially at RM community forums. How do you get RMXP free? Well, it's simple really. There's a free downloadable trial version (lasts 30 days unless you mess around with the dates on your computer) of the program available online. You could simply try that and see if you want to buy it. You could also try looking for hacked versions of the program or serial codes, but it's not recommended. Many hacked/cracked programs give your computer viruses and other nasty stuff you don't want. This is the reason I don't play many RMXP games made by the community... people aren't very trustworthy with the programs they download. You can also try borrowing a serial code from a friend who's bought Rpg Maker XP. This is not recommended tho! Protexis (who sells the game for Enterbrain) keeps track of the IP addresses and computers who use an unlock code with RMXP. There is also a limited number of uses before you'll have to ask them to renew your Rpg Maker XP registration serial.

If you really want to use the program, but don't think it's worth $60, there are lots of freeware alternatives available. Rpg Maker XP is commercial software and using it without paying is both asking for bad karma and illegal in most countries of the world. Plenty of people download free programs to make their games with instead, or use cheap alternatives like GMaker. You can even join a mod community for programs like Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Fallout 3. Several MMORPGs even allow you to design quests for them! City of Heroes has a really popular feature for this.

A lot of the rm communities frown upon pirated use of the program. If you join one asking how to get rpg maker xp for free, don't expect them to be too happy! Your post will probably be locked, and you might even find yourself banned. Older versions of the RM programs are not freeware either. 2000 & 2003 are pirated programs that people translated. The developer, Enterbrain, even posted publicly asking for people to not translate or use them. This caused them to stop working on an official english release of RM2003.


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