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Run Boy Run Revival Minecraft Parkour Map (Download + Review)

Updated on January 2, 2012

This is a parkour map. For those not in the know, Parkour is a sport in which one runs around like a mad thing, leaing between buildngs, diving off ledges and generally being acrobatic and fit in the sort of way that makes people who stopped doing any form of exercise in their teen years weep into their morning cholesterol reducing oatmeal.

Minecraft parkour maps require co-ordination, fearlessness and judicious use of the sprint key. (You can sprint by double tapping the 'W' key, in case you were not aware.) Run Boy Run is o

I started the 'Run Boy Run' map by diving into a pool of lava. It was fitting.

As a secondary consideration, looking outside the parkour track of doom one sees plains of grass inabited by scorpions and spiders (if you have Mo'Creatures installed, and you really should have, for it is as wonderful as it is awesome.) After diving face first into lava half a dozen times, I wondered if leaping onto a scorpion sting would really be quite so bad.

The map has a relatively steep learning curve, don't expect to be mollycoddled through the opening stages, it's not going to happen. On the bright side, one is left with a very real sense of acheievement when one finally breaks on through to the other side, as it were.

Some of the stages seem almost impossible however, and I'm not going to pretend that I have all the answers. I have precisely 0.00056% of the answers, as verified by a scientist in a lab coat. Or a professional rat trainer, whoever you find more convincing. There's more than just jumping from block to block to master, you'll also need to learn the basics of ladder work and

Like all Parkour maps, Run Boy Run is a pressure cooker. One slip and you're in the drink and the drink is lava. It would be nice if there was a beginner's version with water instead of lava, that way you'd die less and spend less time repeating all the stages you already cleared. I should also mention at this point in the review (ie, right near the end where people who aren't really paying attention won't notice it) that the map actively tries to kill you in devious ways. It doesn't care if you have to repeat the whole tedious 'leaping over lava' thing again. This map will tear itself apart just to see you fail. You have been warned.

With buckets of humor and massive Sponge Bob statues, this is a challenging minecraft parkour map, perhaps not one for beginners, but definitely one to play if you enjoy the genre.

Download Run Boy Run Revival, Minecraft Parkour Map


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