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Runescape 2007 OldScape Leveling up Guide and Tips for Where to START

Updated on March 5, 2013


This is going to be my first Runescape guide. I am writing this to the new release of the 2007 oldscape that has recently been released. This is the old Runescape we all loved back in the day, and our accounts for this 2007 version has all stats erased, and starts you at the very beginning. It's a lot of fun, but I even know how hard it is to start out, so I will share some tips for starting out, where to start, and will make individual guides for each stat.

Before I get going let me throw some stuff out there. I will be doing guides for stats, quests, the benefits of doing certain thigns, tips for playing, and whatever you guys want me to throw out there. I will also probably be doing some videos as well once I get that up and running.

If you want something in particular written before I do anything else comment at the bottom of the page. Also share your tips down there and let me know what you did to start out. Also some of this can be applied to the main game, but I will be focusing my attention on 2007 Runescape AKA Oldscape.

Also follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 if you want to stay in touch, ask questions or any of that and requests guides there. I will also be able to answer questions in the comments daily, and you can contact me directly in the game.. to do that just add 12john ..

Where to start on 07 Runescape AKA Oldscape

When you are starting out you have nothing. But luckily they do give you the tools for you to start somewhere. You will have basic weaponry, basic tools, and equipment to do all the old free skills. I won't talk much about combat here because I could write 10 guides on combat and still not touch the surface so here I will start to just talk about skills you should try to that will help you make some money.

The money makers in this game for starters are really woodcutting and fishing.. Woodcutting is very easy to flip for profit because a lot of players are going for fletching to start because that is a very easy way to get a 99 skill.

I really suggest starting with woodcutting to get that skill up and flipping your logs in many of the banks or heading to the forums to sell your logs. Or you can fletch them yourself, and get that level up easily, and not cost you any money. If you start with woodcutting you will make decent money to start, build that stat, and enable you to buy more expensive stuff over time.

If you want to take the fishing route that is also fairly easy. Not to mention the easy fishing spot is right when you come off of tutorial island. When you come off tutorial island leave the castle, and head across the closest bridge, and there is the best fishing spot to start at a low level. Also the bank is on the third floor of the castle which will give you somewhere to run and bank your items. Or you can cook them, drop the burnt items, and bank the cooked food. This is an easy way for you to level up your fishing and possibly cooking as well.

Obviously as you get higher skills you can go after better skills, and make more money. I would stick to either the fishing or woodcutting in the beginning. Build up your money to have enough to buy decent armour to start your combat. But I will talk about combat in another guide.

If you want you can also start with thieving in Oldscape. By doing this I would suggest banking everything. Heading right outside the castle and pickpocketing men and women. This will give you 3 GP per pickpocket, and will allow you to get that level up. Over time you will make decent money, and will have enough to buy better items, or be able to help you in the future of the game.

Tips for playing in the beginning

First off, learn the map, and use the map guide to understand. Especially if you haven't played in a while, or if you are used to the tele tablets, or magic.

Remember that everyone has a tough time starting out. You cannot expect to start off great, so don't let this discourage you. Over time you will build your stats, and be better off.

Work on one thing at a time. Don't focus on leveling one thing up, but I suggest working on one stat at a time. This is best to work on a money maker to start so that you get set up to make more money in the future. This will help you over time, and allow you to have the best success when attempting to play 07 Scape.

Be careful of scams. I know if you are playing you are probably well aware of this, but I suspect a lot of scammers in the beginning trying to better themselves, so don't fall victim to that early on, and keep your head up.

Take advantage of quests. Take advantage of any quest that will give you money, or skill bonuses because this will help level you up significantly quicker. This will be tough at first, but with effort you will be much better by completing these quests that will give you a lot of bonuses.

Don't waste money in the beginning. Don't waste money on prayer, or stats that will not give you bonuses early on. You will have plenty of time to work on this once you have yourself set, but I wouldn't ever waste more than 10% of my wealth on a stat that does not return on investment immediately. Over time I will, but in the beginning focus on making money to better yourself later on and throughout the game.


Okay guys so 1,000 word intro is essentially what I did here to establish my Runescape guide writing career I will be doing. I will be posting a whole bunch more guides as time goes on, but I wanted to start somewhere. So remember to focus on money in the beginning and the rest will fal into place.

Comment below to let me know where you started, and where you see yourself in the future. Also you can ask questions, or use the comments as a forum, and I will talk back, and communicate with everyone. Also message me in game @ 12john.. Thanks for reading.


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