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Runescape Aquarium

Updated on March 17, 2016
sierrag profile image

Sierra has been an avid gamer since the age of 8. Role playing games and pokemon game being her area of expertise.

Basic Information

Once you've achieved level 63 Construction you'll be able to build an Aquarium in your house. The room cost 200,000 gold to build and has several features. It can only be built on the ground floor and has four doors. You can only have one at a time but it can be removed and put up in another part of the house without losing your stuff.

The Aquarium allows you to obtain items like Prawn Balls, Prawn Crackers, Golden Eggs, and a torrent of other items. Let me get some of the more simple stuff out of the way first.

The Supply Area

(click column header to sort results)
Level Required  
XP/Gold Cost  
Fishing Net
5 Wool, Rope
The Twin Anchors
5 Iron Bars, Rope
Bait Barrel
100 Fishing Bait, 4 Mahogany Planks.

Centerpiece Wall

Level Needed
Mahogany Plank, a Message in a bottle
Shark Head
a Mahogany plank, a Shark Jawbone
The Figurehead
a Mahogany plank, a ship figurehead

Fish Head Space

Level Required
Gold Cost
Mounted Swordfish
Mahogany Plank, Swordfish
Mounted Shark
Mahogany Plank, Raw Shark
Mounted Great White Shark
Mahogany Plank, Raw Great White Shark

Diving Suits

Level/Gold Required
Supplies Needed
Oyster Hunter Suit
5 Bronze Bars, Fishbowl
Mermaid Hunter Suit
5 Bronze Bars, Fishbowl, Porthole
Salvage Hunter Suit
5 Bronze Bars, Fishbowl, Telescope Lens
Each of the different suits allows you to open more difficult containers. The Oyster suit lets you open Oysters. The Mermaid Suit lets you open Oysters and Mermaid Purses and the Salvage Hunter Suit allows you to open Oysters, Mermaid Purses and Trea

The Prawnbroker

The Prawnbroker will be the most important part in the room other than the Aquarium itself. It has three versions. It doesn't matter which one you have as they all function exactly the same. There is the Driftwood Prawnbroker which costs 5,296 gold to make and a level 63 Construction. It takes 8 Teak Planks and gives 720xp. The Flostam Prawnbroker costs 17,248 gold, grants 1120xp and requires a 73 Con. Level to make. It needs 8 Mahogany Planks. Then there is the Boutique Prawnbroker which costs 18,120 gold, grants 1130xp and requires a level 81 con. to make. It needs 8 Mahogany planks, and a porthole.

The Prawnbroker is where you appoint Prawn points for perks. Prawn points are received when you find a golden egg, and when you collect 1, 20, 100 and 200 prawn balls. Each Perk costs a prawn point and by unlocking 15 perks you get the Completionist cap, by unlocking all 18 you get the Trimmed Completionist Cape. It is very important to get the perks as you get the points as they make the going a little faster.

Prawn Perks

There are 6 Tiers of Prawn perks and you need to complete each tier before having access to the next tier of perks. I recommend doing them in the following order to help get things going.

Tier 1

- Greater Chance of receiving Prawn Balls

-10 Prawn Pennies

-No Bait fishing(doesn't work with Rocktails or Barbarian fishing)

-Gain a landmark of your choice(If you already have all the landmarks you'll get 10 prawn pennies instead)

Tier 2

-Golden Mystery Egg

Tier 3

-Greater Chance of Receiving Prawn Balls

-Prawn Pennies and Prawn Pounds last 2x as long. (Now 50 and 200)

-Fly fishing without feathers

-Gain 3 Diving Suit Cosmetic Overrides for the surface

Tier 4

-Golden Prawn Cracker

Tier 5

-Greater Chance at Recieving Prawn Balls

-Barbarian Fishing without bait(feather or bait)

-Great White Shark Pet and one in your Aquarium

-Ability to fish great white sharks from shark fishing spots.

Tier 6

-Ability to make sushi.

Various Items

Now you're probably wondering what all of these things even are and what they mean, so now I'll explain.

Prawn Balls- They look like shrimp but when you open them they can contain any number of aquarium related items such as portholes, telescope lenses, shark Jaw and some other things as well such as noted Sharks.

Prawn Pennies- Give an increased chance at finding Prawn Balls for 25 caught fish, 50 once the perk is activated.

Prawn Pounds-Give the player an increased chance at finding Prawn Balls for 100 caught fish or 200 if the perk is activated.

Prawn Cracker- An item that must be pulled between another player that grants prawn balls.

Golden Prawn Cracker-When pulled between two players grants both players a Golden Mystery Egg.

Golden Mystery Egg- Can be identified.

You will receive a large amount of items for building up your aquarium such as Kelp, Mermaid purses, Oysters, Treasure Chests as well as other cosmetic items.

Kelp-Can be harvested Daily for two kelps.

Oysters-Harvested Daily for uncut Gems.

Mermaid Purses- Harvested weekly for either 20 Mahogany or 20 teak planks.

Treasure Chests- Can be opened every week for one Elite Clue Scroll.

Some of the items

The Fish

Prawn Balls are received once the player has fished 35,000 worth of lifegiving fish, therefore fishing the highest healing fish first is the best way to go.

Leaping Sturgeon

Leaping Trout

Leaping Salmon








Lava Eel



Rainbow Fish

Once you have obtained all of the eggs you will be upgraded to a new plug and be allowed to find them again, upgrading your prestige.


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