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Runescape Godwars Solo PVM: Armadyl guide

Updated on October 18, 2015


The mighty armadyl general attacks!
The mighty armadyl general attacks!


The Armadyl general, Kree'arra, can be on of the hardest boss to defeat, if you're not prepared. This guide will help you by suggesting the most reasonable equipment, inventory, and skill levels to defeat her. Please note that melee gear can't be used at Armadyl's Eyrie to gain Kill Count, so if your range level isn't high enough to defeat the Armadyl followers, you will probably have a hard time getting KC. The requirements to enter the eyrie is 70 range, you aren't allowed to use any boosts for this either.

What you should have in your inventory

Your inventory should contain at least 5 prayer potions, 1 super restore, a one-click teleport, and the rest food. (If you're going to use Trollheim teleport, bring two fire and law runes) You should consider bringing a familiar such as a terrorbird or a war tortoise to store extra food.

The inventory

A very simple inventory for GWD.
A very simple inventory for GWD.

Recommended Equipment

If you are going to bring range, I recommand you to use the Armadyl armour, if you can't afford it using Karil's is fine. If you prefer magic then bring Ganodermic armour, once again if you can't afford ganodermic, Ahrim's works fine.

Ring slot

Ring of wealth > Warrior/Berserker ring

Necklace slot

Amulet of fury > Amulet of glory

God Protection Items

You will need to bring a armadyl item to protect from his followers, or else you'll get aggro by them (A cheap armadyl item is the armadyl cloak. If you bring armadyl armour, that counts as an armadyl item) I also recommend you to bring a zamorak item, such as zamorak arrow and a saradomin item, such as a holy symbol. Before you enter Armadyl's Eyrie, saradomin mages will attack you, allocating in large amounts of damage. The eyrie also contains some of zamorak followers and they can be quite annoying when getting KC.

Fighting Kree'arra and her minions

When you get enough KC, turn on protect from misslies/deflect missles/soul split and enter the room where Kree'arra resides. Stand at a corner or else you'll get knocked back, repeatedly *This get really annoying*. After you have killed Kree'arra, kill the minion that is using magic because he is the most dangerous, then range and finally the melee one. Congratulations, you have finished your first armadyl run!

Best loots

The best drops you can received after killing Kree'arra and her minions are :

- Parts of the armadyl armor

- Armadyl hilt

The worst case scenario

Do not panic if you die, if you panic it will only take longer to get your items back. Fill your inventory with 3 prayer potions, a super restore, couple of combat stats boosting potions, and food. Also don't forget your teleportation runes. Equip yourself with a good combat armor, teleport to Trollheim, and climb down the rope into godwars. Get the KC you need quickly by drinking your combat boosting potions, try to waste little food as you may need it when going into the boss room to recover your items.

Blessing yourself method

This method only works if you have an alternative account with good combat stats, good armor, and 70 prayer, also this takes really long to work out, only do it if you feel that you might possibly die. Get your KC on your main account, then log in with your alt. Get your alt enough KC and go stand by the boss door. Now that the method is set, go back to your main and start battling the boss. If you die, log out *Make sure you remember which world* and log back in with your alt. Open the boss door and bless your main's grave then teleport out. Log back in with your main and get your KC, recover your items, and teleport out.


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    • Long Lor profile image

      Long Lor 5 years ago from Clovis, California

      Thank you :)

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Good guide! I hope that this one will be successful as soon as google indexed it ;)