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Runescape: How To Get Baby TzRek-Jad: And Yes, You Can have 2 Baby Jads!

Updated on November 1, 2011

I had a lot of fun getting here, and more fun now that I've got 2 Baby Jads!

Sometimes you find the penguin

And sometimes the penguin finds you!
And sometimes the penguin finds you!

I can admit it

I play Runescape. There, I said it. Being kind of obsessive by nature, it sometimes takes more of my attention than it ought to. Even so, Monique and I have played for something like 7 years now. We each have our own goals, and skillsets, but we also play it together a lot. Perfect example is the weekly Penguin hunt. We both have a lot of fun playing Runescape.

Back to the obsessive thing... When Runescape announced they'd be releasing a new pet, I wasn't that impressed. Until I saw the pet would be a baby Jad. Adult Jad is called TzTok-Jad, and is one of the toughest boss monsters in all of Runescape. He rules the Fight Cave. You can spend an hour or two just getting to him after 62 waves of monsters, only to be killed by Jad within moments.

Taking Jad Down

He's Dead, Jim
He's Dead, Jim

Change is the only constant

I spent a nightmarish two months learning to defeat Jad. When I finally got it down pat, I wrote a guide outlining how to do the Fight Cave and beat TzTok-Jad. It was a very detailed guide, and one of my favorite things I've ever written. Until Jagex (Runescape's owning company) changed the rules, and made the main technique of my guide obsolete.

Since then, I've modified it to be current again, as much as possible. Unfortunately, the core technique has been permanently blocked from working any more. I'm still learning to beat Jad all over again, using other methods. Yes, I know. I'm slow. I'm also not very good with real-time combat.

Baby Black Dragon

Sniff... They grow up so fast
Sniff... They grow up so fast

My Love-Hate Relationship with TzTok-Jad

All that was a long way around explaining my odd love-hate relationship with Jad. After all the effort, I have a strange affection for him, even though he's killed me over and over.

So, back to Baby Jad. Officially TzRek-Jad. When they announced Jad Jr, I just knew I'd have to get one. Up until then, Dragons were the most awesome pet in all of Runescape. They required a full 99 Summoning, and then... then, you have to kill the dragon color of your preference (Green, Blue, Red, and Black, in that order of difficulty). You have to kill a LOT of dragons. Until you get a very rare random drop of a Dragon Egg. Then you hatch the egg, raise it from tiny baby to toddler. And constantly feed the baby dragon. They have large appetites compared to most Runescape pets.

Now, Baby Jad is the absolute best pet in Runescape. I don't even count the Sneaker-peeper. With a dungeoneering requirement and token cost, they're fairly difficult, but not as hard to obtain as Baby Dragons are.

How to get a Baby Jad

How do you get a Baby Jad? He's very restrictive. At this point, I have one in my house menagerie, and one that follows me around Runescape for fun. Below are the requirements, and a super-simplistic description of how I achieved each. Some of my personal techniques won't be suitable for everybody. As long as you find a technique that works for you, the important thing is to meet the basic requirements.

It's important to remember here, I'm not writing guides for each of the requirements. I'm just highlighting what the requirements are, and giving tips from my personal experiences along the way.

Not necessarily in order:

A good guide to Summoning

99 Summoning

You'll need 99 Summoning to qualify for TzRek-Jad. This is an expensive skill, and can take a long time to collect all the charms you'll need. To get to 99 Summoning, I mainly killed Waterfiends. These can be profitable, but the main reason I like them is Crimson Charm drops. Waterfiends have an extremely good Crimson Charm drop rate. There are faster but more expensive ways; personally, Waterfiends were my preferred source for Crimsons.

Training the actual skill goes quickly, once you've gotten the required charms, pouches, shards, and secondary ingredients. I trained my way up until I could make Granite Lobsters. These were my main training summons. Later, I made lots of Unicorn Stallions, Pack Yaks, and Steel Titans. And assorted other summons, just because they sounded fun. But for cost effectiveness and training speed, Granite Lobsters earned the majority of my 99 Summoning.

Hard to cover thoroughly, but here's a good start

99 Slayer

Lucky for us, this is a fun and profitable skill. It's combat. You kill monsters, based on assignments handed out by Slayer Masters. I use Kuradel for assignments, because she will occasionally hand out Fight Cave assignments. That means extra points for fighting Jad, and the advantage of the Full Slayer Helm on assignment. At higher levels, I focused more on speed. The faster you complete an assignment and get another, the faster you level up. This means any boosting potions, any appropriate summons, the best gear you can wear… and a cannon. Let me tell you, using a cannon as often as possible not only speeds up slayer, it raises your ranging at lightning speeds.

One of the best tips someone taught me… was to turn down assignments. Okay, not EVERY assignment. But don't be afraid to spend Slayer points declining a bad assignment. If it's slow, or bad experience, just say no!

My Favorite Fight Cave Guide- Very high level requirements

A Fire Cape

This is bigger than you'd think at first glance. A Fire Cape means you fought, and beat, TzTok-Jad. You've won the Fight Caves. And since the Fire Cape is one of the best capes in the game, most people won't hand over their ONLY Fire Cape. So you'll have to beat Jad at least twice. Once for your cape, and once for Baby Jad's cape. More, if you intend to have more than one Jad Jr.

Hints on winning the Fight Cave? Boy, that's huge. There's so much to be said. So many methods to win (and lose) with. All things considered, Ranging is probably the easiest approach. Melee is the fastest, but hardest. Magic is too expensive to be worth it. Many people use a hybrid approach.

I'd suggest you check out a few guides, find a method you're comfortable with, and try it. The Fight Cave is a 'Safe' minigame, so if you die, you keep your gear. No harm in trying.

Still, it can easily take 2 hours to get there. And Jad can nearly KO a top-level player in one hit. His main threat comes from switching attack styles. He can go from Ranged, to Magic, to Melee, and each attack can kill you. To survive, you have to use protection prayers, and switch rapidly based on visual and/or audible cues he gives.

This is my weak point, I have a hard time prayer switching against him. The best way to prepare for this is to practice.

A Brief Word (and Link) about Practicing

I cannot stress enough how important practice is. Especially if you're horrible at prayer-switching like I am. It's not enough just to watch a few Youtube videos. Learn to use them in an actual practice environment, as shown in the link below.

For more details about how to practice, and other aspects of the Fight Cave, check out this guide:

Runescape Fight Cave: How To Kill Jad The Easy Way and Win the Fire Cape

(The Ancient Curses/Deflect technique may not work completely by itself any more, but there's still a HUGE amount of useful information on this page to help beat Jad.)

Killing the other guy's Avatar

Not usually unguarded like this
Not usually unguarded like this

100 Zeal from Soul Wars

This is the final requirement. Zeal is earned by playing Soul Wars, a minigame within Runescape. Think of it as a version of capture the flag… with rioting, killing, and mass mayhem. This is another safe minigame. You don't lose any gear even if you die. Though, like the Fight Cave (or regular Runescape), if you cast a spell, those runes are gone for good. If you use up a resource, you won't get it back.

There's a lot of strategy to Soul Wars, but if you don't really care how it's played, here's the simple version:

Wear you favorite fighting gear. Log into a Soul Wars world. Enter the game, kill as many of the other team as you can. When you die, run back out and kill some more. Help your team control the island in the middle, or defend your Avatar, or attack the enemy's avatar. You have to stay active or the game boots you out. I play to help my team… but I really don't like Soul Wars. So mainly, I just try to kill the other side until the game's 20-minute timer runs out. If your side wins, you get 3 points. Ties earn you 2 points, and losing is 1 point. No game is a total loss, since you always score something. Still, if you lose every game, that's a minimum of 33.3 hours to get 100 Zeal points. So the more often you win, the better!

Buying Baby Jad

Worked hard for this moment!
Worked hard for this moment!

Trade for Baby Jad

This is it. You've got your 99 Summoning, 99 Slayer. Fire Cape in your inventory. 100 Zeal Points. Now, while you're still at Soul Wars, trade rewards with Zimberfizz, (or Nomad if you've not done Nomad's Requiem). Select the 'Other' rewards, right click on Baby Jad, and choose to buy him.

He WILL eat your Fire Cape. It actually tells you in the chat box that Baby Jad eats your Fire Cape.

And now he's in your inventory. Drop him to the ground like a regular pet, and he'll follow you around, looking absolutely awesome. Baby Jad does not eat. No feeding, no maintenance. Does not run away, ever. I don't know if that applies to getting killed with him out. I'm not going to test it to see. You can if you like. Let me know the result. :^)

TzRek-Jad is Popular!

He can follow you throughout a lot of tasks. I take him fishing, Penguin hunting… my favorite is to take him with me while doing Barrows. He really is maintenance free. And nearly everywhere you go, people like to talk about him, and ask questions. He's a real attention-getter!

At the Edgeville Bank with TzRek-Jad

He's well trained.
He's well trained.

Full House, Dragons Wild

Took forever getting the Black Dragon Babies
Took forever getting the Black Dragon Babies

One more thing…

If you plan to have 2 or more Baby Jads, you'll need at least 37 Construction also. That's the level requirement to make a Menagerie in your house. At 37 Construction, you'll only be able to keep three pets, but that's enough. Baby Jad is a singular pet, meaning you can't have multiples in your bank or inventory. But the Menagerie bypasses this rule. You can have multiples of ANY pet in a menagerie, limited only by the total number of pets allowed in the pet house. At level 37, the max is 3. At level 92 it's 15 pets. As evidence of how well it works, check out my baby dragons… they're a real handful.

They go where they like

Watch where you step!
Watch where you step!

Now that all the hard work's done

Okay, you've finally gotten your Jad Jr. Maybe even two Baby Jads. Or more.

It's not been easy. Two 99's, at least one Fire Cape, 100 Zeal...

You've worked long, and traveled a difficult road to achieve this goal.

Don't let TzRek-Jad languish in your bank. Take him out. Let him romp. Go for walks. Explore Runescape together.

By all means, enjoy him… you've earned it!

Patrolling My House

Better than guard dogs
Better than guard dogs


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