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Runescape free to play flipping guide and items

Updated on September 20, 2012

A rare red partyhat

What is flipping?

Ever been jealous of a player on Runescape walking around in the grand exchange wearing a party hat? Many people in Runescape are looking for cash so they can train a skill, buy new weapons and armor or even get a much sought-after discontinued item. So, In Runescape, one of the most asked questions is "How do I make money as quickly as possible". And without very high levels or membership making money is next to impossible. And unless you have time to play Runescape from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed it'll take months to get a decent amount. So with all of this stated there is only one way to make money quickly that requires little time known as "flipping" or "merchanting". Simply put, you buy items on the Grand Exchange for a lower price then the price you sell the same item at. If you can use this method correctly you can make hundreds of thousands of gold pieces every four hours.

How to flip

Their is only one requirement to flip and that's some cash; when i started flipping I had about 4 million gold. And I would recommend having at least 3 million gold, although you could flip with one million gold. The more gold you have, the more gold you will be able to make from this method. First, make sure that you have all of your gold withdrawn from your bank and either in your inventory or money pouch. Then, access the Grand exchange and select and item from the list below and buy one of it at +10%. Next, sell it at -10% then go to your grand exchange history by right clicking on the Grand Exchange clerk. Then, buy as many as possible of the item at your sell price (remember their is Grand Exchange buy cap for every item that's listed below). When your offer has completed check your history and sell the item at your past buy price. So lets say you decide to flip yew logs, you buy at 491 gold pieces and sell at 486 gold pieces. You will then buy 24,999 yew logs (that is one below the market cap) at 486 gold pieces each. Then, once the offer completes you will sell the yew logs you have just purchased at 491 gold pieces each. And once the offer completes you will have made one hundred twenty-five thousand gold pieces!

Items to flip

Being free to play, you don't have as many options on items to flip, as a member does but that doesn't mean that you can't make money. You just need to know which items to flip and have enough money to flip with. So I will share with you my favorite free to play items that I flip quite often and I even flip these when I do have a membership. Just remember to stick with it, be patient, money will come and begin adding up.

Name of item
GE cap
Yew logs
Raw swordfish
Law rune
Nature rune
Raw lobster
Adamant arrow
Rune platelegs or platebody
Steel bar
Chaos rune


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